What I wore: Gray Slub Shirt and Rainboots

More catchup posts here with photos I took in the Spring.


This is a gray slub shirt I bought at Target.  I think it was clearance and I actually bought it because I wanted something comfy for sleeping in to go over a tank. It looked ok though with a tank under it and thought it was worth getting a few daytime uses in before it pilled (which it eventually did… as I suspected it would.)

Ignore the fact that the photo on the right is grainy, I was trying to show it with the rainboots (link is to a previous comparison review of rainboots.)

It was an ok shirt but I’m getting tired of shirts pilling so quickly. So far the only ones that don’t pill are the ones I buy at Chico’s but that gets boring after awhile.

The necklace I’m wearing was thrifted and actually used to be silver and a muddy nude. I painted all of the nude portions with a navy nail polish and it looks a lot better.

Is it just me or can it be hard to put together a good outfit that doesn’t involve a dress when it comes to rain boots?

These Kamik “Jennifer” rain boots are actually getting a lot of use. I ended up wearing these last Friday to run through a very muddy corn maze in Versailles (Kentucky) as well.

They wash off fairly easily which is nice. Tim’s boots (just an outdoor hiking boot) on the other hand involved scraping and scrubbing.