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Remington Women’s Travel Foil Electric Razor review

So I had high hopes for the Remington Women’s electric razor. I really wanted to work because there are no chemical or moisturizing strips with unknown ingredients, and it would work wet or dry.

The verdict though is that this just doesn’t cut it (har har.) But seriously it’s just not as close a shave AND it takes longer to use. It does work wet or dry and I did give it a week trial run but I was ready to get back to the Schick razor I’ve been using. Yes, I have not stick to the safety razor because it too just takes too long.

Some additional things to note about the Remington women’s electric travel razor:

  •  if you are sensitive to some metals, I want to note that this seemed like it might be aluminum (there’s really no info on what type of metal this is made of.)
  • Replacement blades seem nonexistent (I guess you are just supposed to buy a new whole unit which isn’t bad cost wise at $10 but it also means more e-waste or things in the landfill not biodegrading.)
  • You should probably use rechargeable AAA batteries with this (it does NOT come with batteries.)

So I’m STILL looking for something that lets me choose the product I use against my skin instead of moisturizing strips with undisclosed ingredients. Honestly what I REALLLY want to see is a swivel head safety razor. I think that might be the best of old and new… Maybe.

Meanwhile I am keeping this razor because I think if I get another pet it might be useful (I used to have to trim the ummm hind quarter area of my long haired cats when they were alive.) A use that doesn’t require silky smooth closeness.


My Ipsy August 2015 & EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database scores for each of the products

My Ipsy August 2015 and EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database scores for each of the products

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 5Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted – this is a slightly dusty light purple. Very interesting shade. One that I think may look better on than in the bottle. Something about it seems kinda 90’s to me and I’m not sure why. Not in a dated way but in a resurrection of a style way. This nail polish is 5-free. Since I ran the EWG score for the OPI that came in my birchbox, I’m running the EWG score on this too. So while this is “5-free,” the OPI is healthier. This comes in at a 5. Still going to try it because it’s nail polish.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 3LATHER ultra mild face wash –  didn’t I get this recently in my birchbox? It seems familiar…Wait … nope. It was the face lotion not the wash and it was an ipsy glambag. Anywho. Nothing bad looking in here. Scores a 3 and none of the ingredients scream “run” so I may give this a shot. I am however very happy with soapless cleansers like the Liz Earle now so it would take a lot for this one to win me over.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 4Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Salsa – Parabens, Mineral oil, I’m out even if this one has a healthy score. Lip glosses that use mineral oil just feel weird and wrong on my skin now. This comes in at a 4 – not horrible but I know better.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 3Briogeo Blossom & Bloom ™ Ginseng + Biotin Volumizer – I really liked their conditioner and the ingredient list here looks excellent too. This scores a 3 and one of the ingredients it was docked for was over contamination concerns … so if they sourced that one well it isn’t really a concern right? Anyway – looking forwards to trying this one.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 2Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen – no fragrance and no cones or parabens. Looks good. Though I tend to personally aim for a waterproof eyeliner which seems to be the only downside. So the EWG score is only a 2 which is good. Might try it when I want a distinctive cat eye just to see…



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