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Brahmin purse

So I don’t know the name of this style and I do know that my mother purchased it at an outlet mall which explains why it’s a discontinued style already. I really love the shape and size of this purse though. And the fact that I can wear it as a shoulder bag as well as a crossbody bag. And I can put an ipad mini or a kindle in that front pocket.

Brahmin purse in bag • ClothingCult.com

Brahmin purse • ClothingCult.com

This is my first Brahmin bag but I’ve had my eye on them for awhile now. Part of the reason I think I didn’t have one until now is that I actually liked so many of the bags. My mother actually sent me a lot of photos while she was shopping and honestly in the end I still couldn’t decide. I narrowed it down to two bags and I had her choose. This is not like me – I’m actually usually very decisive.

UGG Bonham Chestnut Boots

… the Christmas #uggs – I am grateful that I have people who will actually buy me things off my wish list. 🙂 I know these are a little more utilitarian than cute but since I’ve had a similar pair for 8 years I know these are perfect for snowy slippery wintery days. Shearling lined and cozy.

UGG Bonham Chestnut Boots in box • ClothingCult.com

Shoes are one of the things I believe in spending some money on if they are a good quality and a classic style. When you’re wearing a real leather (sorry vegans and vegetarians) you get a breathable shoe that’s also warm. They also move and fit to your foot better than plastics and pleather.

UGG Bonham Chestnut Boots on  • ClothingCult.com