About this blog

I started ClothingCult back in 2005 as a hobby site and it has evolved into being primarily focused on personal style and natural beauty products. Everything from everyday outfits to in depth product reviews and comparisons.

Part Hobby, Part Business

Part hobby: On the one hand I do take this site seriously as a hobby blog. All the posts and reviews ARE really real. I really like to have fun with clothes, fashion and makeup. Do I call myself a fashion blogger? That just sounds so weird to me but I probably am!

Part business: On the other hand I use this site also for my graphic and web design business, FascinationDesign.com. I use it as a live WordPress development playground because it has a decent amount of traffic and I can take risks here that I can’t with my client websites. This also goes beyond WordPress because it also allows me to play with different types of advertising and promotions to get a sense of what works well.