Blouses of a different color

Since I’m looking for the perfect white blouse right now, I’m coming across some other cute blouses that wanted to make a note of.

Esprit Cotton jaquard shirt
$65 from

White and beige stripe with silver detailing. Nice, simple but different in a good way.

Esprit Cotton jaquard shirt

Delia’s Mackenzie Shirt
$28 from

Ok, so it’s a teen clothing store. Sometimes you can find a good deal if you’re within a certain size range. I like the detailing on this shirt. It’s cotton, basic and it’s a really good price.

Delias stripped

Diesel Coly Shirt
$140 from

I love the design on the back of the shirt, the color and the style is a little more unique. Only thing is that if you go to the site and see the front view, it looks a bit short.
Diesel Coly shirt
Victoria’s Secret Stretch French cuff shirt in tonal stripes
$48 – sale $38 at

I like the color and style enough on this one to forgive the french cuff on the sleeves. Comes in a jewel toned teal blue and also a violet rose.
Victoria's Secret Satin blouse