A good white blouse… is hard to find.

I have been looking for a nice simple white blouse recently – apprently not much seems to exist that fits what I want (how typical.) Anyone who has any suggestions, please feel free to comment. 🙂

What I’m looking for:

  • Cotton with a hint of spandex or a really high quality cotton. No polyester. Rayon would be fine as well.
  • No french cuffs – they can be sloppy looking or not stay in place. Generally they annoy me.
  • A feminine cut – both in the neckline and through the waist.
  • Long enough that I don’t have to worry about exposed skin when I sit down and not so long that it looks sloppy untucked.

Today I might have found a few possibilities:

INC International Concepts® Seamed Shirt
$59 from Macy’s online

Only problem is that it’s cotton, poly, spandex blend. Could be ok though. The reason I don’t like polyester is how it feels.

Macy's white blouse
Lauren By Ralph Lauren Broadcloth Tailored-Fit Shirt
$59 at Macy’s online

This one is cotton but it doesn’t really have a feminine cut. It looks like it would be a good basic button up though.

Ralph Lauren blouse at Macy's

DKNY Jeans Ruched Lace-Trim Shirt
$69 from Macy’s online

This one is really cute but it’s not quite the simple blouse I’m looking for. The other thing is that it’s snaps instead of buttons. I had a really great shirt once with snaps but they wear out quickly and there’s no easy way to replace them.

DKNY ruched blouse

Esprit poplin long sleeve woven shirt
$59 from EspritShop.com

Cute, a little bit country but again with the snaps. I like the detailing and the fact that it is cotton and doesn’t have funny sleeves.
Esprit poplin long sleeve woven shirt

Victoria’s Secret fitted eyelet shirt
$38 from VictoriasSecret.com

I really like this one. Fits all of the requirements except for being a plain shirt. Eyelet never goes out of style does it?

Victoria's Secret eyelet blouse

I THINK I’VE FOUND IT! Actually Two versions below:
Esprit poplin stretch shirt
$39 from EspritShop.com

It’s cotton with a little bit of stretch, tailored feminine cut, no freaky sleeves and buttons instead of snaps. Yay! And they have it in white as well as pink, orange and green. Only thing missing is a version in light blue.
Esprit Poplin Stretch Shirt
Victoria’s Secret Ruched shirt
$38 from VictoriasSecret.com

It’s not actually ruched, there’s tailoring but I don’t see any ruching. Good basic looking shirt. Again a good price as well.

Victoria's Secret Ruched Shirt