Blue Lace Twistband review

As part of my September Birchbox I received a blue lace twistband. Out of the box it looked ok but when I put it on the first time, the underside (which did not have the lace pattern printed on it) flipped over enough that it didn’t look great.

A month later, I’ve worn it a few more times and it’s just not holding up well. It doesn’t flip over as much in my hair but it still doesn’t look great AND it’s starting to come apart.


$14/6pk = $2.33 per band which is far more expensive than the average hair band and I would hope they would hold up better. They ARE more comfortable in your hair so I’ve relegated this one to nighttime braid use. The neon twistband from the March Birchbox is holding up much better but I haven’t used it maybe only twice.

If you really like these and want them to last awhile, I would recommend investing in some Dritz Fray Check. It’s a sewing product that is like a glue to keep the ends of ribbon from unraveling.

I still really like the concept because it’s like a better looking scruncie and easier on your hair than most hairbands, but I’m thinking about buying some elastic at the fabric store or online to go the DIY route for less and in a wider variety of colors. Or so I can have a pile of brown ones to last awhile.

Hint Hint: There are also people on etsy selling similar hairbands for much less.