Winter shoe & purse shopping ….

So I realized a few weeks ago that I only really had one pair of winter shoes (other than tennis shoes – gasp) and that those, although still in decent shape had stretched to the point that they would probably be better for a foot that’s a half size larger. So I’ve been shopping for a few good winter shoes to add to my (summer) collection. 🙂

I managed to buy a pair of really nice black dress shoes at Walmart for about $17 and they match the purse (for about the same price) I picked up at JC Penny (I’ll post pictures some other day – the ones I took this afternoon were fuzzier than I thought.) But these still aren’t going to keep my feet warm.

So today while I as converting some audio files I shopped on Zappos for a bit and came up with this list of possibilites (there are a few summer shoes in there.):

My favorites are the Ugg La Jolla in Shadow for a nice winter boot. But as you might notice in my pdf of the shopping cart, they are not available in my size (in fact, I scourred the web and only found them in sizes 5, 6, 11, and 12. I found a few in the cork color in some other sizes but not many… even on ebay.)

I’ve tried on uggs in the past and couldn’t bring myself to buy the ones that were trendy because I think they are mildy ugly – but they are heaven on your feet (I couldn’t justify in my mind an $80 house slipper or else I would probably have a pair already.)

Anyway – the others have a fair shot (probably that pair of slip on uggs will end up purchased soon because those I can see leaving the house in them… casual dress of course.)

The black easy spirit slingbacks on in that pdf look very similar to the shoes I picked up at Walmart.

Decisions decisions…. anyone have any other suggestions? I need comfort, style and variety.


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    Well – I was looking for flats or low heel.

    I would rather save up and buy 1 pair of shoes I absolutely love than 5 pairs I only partially like. And don’t get me wrong, I buy shoes on sale and have bought shoes at Target…. I just haven’t seen any I liked lately (or the few I have, they didn’t have in my size.)

    I love heels but I try to start with a good pair of flats or very very low heels for regular wear. And I try to find cheap shoes but I won’t sacrifice some comfort for looks or a cheap price – it’s a balancing act. If taken care of, a good leather shoe, even with daily wear for 6 months out of the year, can last 2 years or more. Waterproofing helps.

    Or if leather sandals, 1 season it seams. I bought a pair of Clarks on sale that I’ve almost destroyed … but only where the leather upper connects to the shoe. The thread is coming undone so I may see if it’s something I can resew.

    The shoes I bought at walmart have a little bit of heel to them, they are slingback and very very cute. Business cute though. They wouldn’t go with a girly dress but they go great with jeans or dress pants. I’ll post a photo later this week.

    And I’m still undecided about ballet flats. Those Calvin Klein ones in the pdf that look more like a toe shoe, I am in love with them but not the color. They might dye nicely depending on the material though I’m not sure I want to try on an $80 shoe. Espeacially one with different materials since that’s tricky – sometimes one material will take a dye and another won’t on the same shoe. I used to buy $10 canvas sneakers at kmart as a kid and paint designs on them with clothing dye…. hmmmm may have to make a visit to kmart soon.

    I did try on a pair of the Ugg buckleroo at TJmaxx today (in a really ugly color of purple … but I wanted to see what they felt like.) I’m not as enamoured with them now in person but if I did buy them I would buy a half size smaller than usual because I don’t think they would stay on my feet otherwise…. I don’t think I’m going to buy them (I have the fuzzy boots now.)

  2. love your site. thanks for taking the time to share.

    So, you’re into flats this season? I just can’t do it. I am in love with a pair of slingbacks from banana republic right now, but I tend to buy most of my shoes from Target (since I’m on a Target budget).

    thanks for the TSA list – got the link from Travel Commons….