Interesting find at Rite-Aide – Jesse’s Girl

Jesse’s Girl eye dust. (In orange?)

I must be attracted to sparkly things sometimes because this product line really stood out to me. The first time I passed it up as completely impractical but it stuck in my mind and I decided to go back later in the week to try something. It was actually a kelly green version of the eye dust that caught my eye first but I decided to go with the possibly more practical color first, a goldish pumpkin sort of color (these products do not seem to have color names so I’m making it up by what it looks like.) It looks like it’s probably meant for a teen market and includes not only the eye dust but also an eyeshadow line (very bright colors), lipglosses and a few other odds and ends. I’ve only tried this orange eye dust at the current time and it was under $4 if I remember correctly.

It’s not quite a glitter but the packaging was poor so it kept going everywhere until I put it in another container. It matched my gold fleck laminant sink counter from another era surprisingly well but that’s besides the point.

What was really surprising was how good it actually looked on. Now granted it’s WAY too sparkly for daytime wear, if I were the type of person to go out and party at night a lot or visit bars, this would be an awesome find. I decided to keep a small portion since I didn’t want to part with all of it but the remaining is up for swap on because I can’t really see ME wearing this often.

It was hard to take a picture of but I did my best – tell me what you think:
Jesse's Girl orange, hip sassy taupe color and jane in dazzel

In it’s original container:
Jesse's Girl Eye dust eyeshadow in original container


5 responses to “Interesting find at Rite-Aide – Jesse’s Girl”

  1. Sorry if the first link didn`t show. If this one doesn`t show, just look up Jesse`s Girl cosmetics and it`s the first link.

  2. anonymous Avatar

    Here`s the website:
    I have the Sky Blue Glitter Eye Lites. It`s awesome! It`s eyeshadow, but you could use it as eye liner.

  3. I bought the White “Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust” a year ago, and LOVE IT! But it’s almost gone now, and I can’t find it anywhere, either!! 🙁
    Wish I could find it again! I’d buy 5!

  4. Administrator Avatar

    I’ve only seen it at a newly built Rite-aid store locally. I haven’t seen it anywhere online – I looked because I was trying to find out more about the Jesse’s Girl cosmetic line and manufacturer. I didn’t even find any on ebay which is a bit unusual.

    If anyone has any requests for a color or product in this line – I would be willing to go buy them and swap on MUA or sell on ebay. Depending on what you want and what you want to trade for on, I can either swap samples because I would mind having a few more colors, or new sealed.

    I do still have a sample of the pumpkin/gold up for grabs on MUA as well.

    I’ll go back soon and try to take some good pictures of what’s available in the product line. I think one of the downfalls of this product line is that they didn’t name any of the colors.

    — Hilary

  5. Derriann Avatar

    oH MY GOOODNESS. I am trying desperately to find a rite aid store that sells Jesse’s girl or any where for that matter. This is the first time I have actually been able to find anything about it on the web…. Do you know of a website or any other places that sell thes brand???

    PLEASE HELP!!!! lol