Reuse, Restyle AND Educate

It’s spring cleaning time and what better way to get started than cleaning out your closets to make space for spring clothes as well as sort out spring clothes that you didn’t even wear last year.

Maybe it’s a great piece but a little too short on you. Maybe you even accidentally shrunk it so the size L is now a size S. Or maybe you’ve been exercising like an maniac and lost weight. Get these clothes out of your house – someone else might be able to fit into them!

I’m not going to deny that I don’t sell some of my better quality used clothes via ebay and consignment shops (the consignment shop I go to gives the unsold items to Goodwill) but this doesn’t make sense on some things and can be a huge investment of time.

When this is the case, I drop off my clothes (and other odd n’ ends) with Goodwill. It’s not just good for your closet, it’s also good for the economy because Goodwill trains people and helps them get better jobs.

Check out their impact calculator:

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