Another thrifted clothing haul –
June 7 2012

So I needed a break from a particular project yesterday and ended up shopping for 3 hours … 3 hours was a little more than I was going for but I found some good finds.

Let’s start with my favorite piece that didn’t fit – the neon shirt. I SO wanted this to fit!!! I have been obsessed with neons and neutrals and this is SUCH a cute shirt!

Baltimore Design Group which I think is a Chadwick’s line.

Next up the black with tiny polka dot golf shorts. They’re a little higher waisted than I like so I’m debating whether these will go to consignment or not. I also don’t wear a lot of shorts. :/

Next up, the green skirt and the navy gap shirt. I have a picture of the skirt on me but I look like a watermelon because I was trying everything on with the hot pink tank. Which reminds me – the reason I put the clothes on the mannequin today was because my allergies are acting up and the scented detergent on them was bothering me.

Next up I have the Merona pink knit dress. Basic but something I can dress up or down. It will look better with a cardigan and some jewelry I think.

While I’m on a roll with pink, I’ll go ahead and show you the Gap Body sweater hoodie. A little out of season but in good condition and I didn’t want to pass it up.

And then the Talbot’s linen crop pants in mint. They’re a mint color that’s also hard to get a good photograph of but they were new with tags and a nice find. They have a bow tie that I’m thinking about converting to a D ring belt because I think the bow is a bit awkward looking on me. I’m also not a huge fan of cropped pants and typically try to avoid them but I kinda liked these a little too much to pass.

A couple more that I’m selling because they’re too small: BB Jeans blue tunic with embroidered detail, Ann Taylor tunic, Talbots pink skirt (new with tags again.)

And then a few more I’m keeping: Tommy Hilfiger black button up blouse with tiny polka dots (see a theme?), Express light flowy tank with black and white flowers, and The Limited short sleeve with gray stripe blouse.

And then the Talbots black and white skirt

And a couple more shirts – I can’t remember the brands at the moment but they’re both super soft and in great condition:

So yeah … about $50 worth – quite a nice haul for $50
(though I think they miscounted and my total ended up being $41.34 oops!)
Adds a lot more variety to my wardrobe.

And one more thing, not purchased yesterday but about a week ago,
the ties we thrifted for Tim.
$1.50 each plus $3.50 drycleaning (just gotta clean the thifted items.)

These were Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Club Room, Gap and DKNY!

I’m thinking about trying to take more photos of the outfits we’re putting together for Tim. Any interest in guy’s outfits posted here too?


What are some alternatives to selling your clothes at a consignment store?

Question: I have lots of name brand clothing items that don’t fit/I don’t want any more, and I don’t want to just give them away. I haven’t been able to find any consignment stores in my area. Any ideas?

Searching google will probably help find at least a few consignment stores but if none are a good match for the items you have, here are a couple of ideas. They are listed in order of what will probably make you the most money:

  1. Look for vintage shops particularly if your items are older OR JEANS. They may be willing to consign or flat out buy your items.
  2. Sell your clothes on ebay. This works particularly well if you have high end or name brand items. Be sure to take good photos and use a lot of description words so more people see your item. If you have a lot of clothes to sell you might want to invest in a hanging dress form.
  3. Look for a “Clothes Mentor “store or a “Plato’s closet” or similar to buy your gently used items instead of consigning. or
  4. Cheapcycle, like freecycle but for low priced used items, can be great or it can be a bit of a pain depending on who responds to your post. If you don’t have time, I wouldn’t try this route since you have to plan to meet with people. 
  5. Craigslist … this shouldn’t really need an explanation.
  6. Yardsale, Garage Sale, or organize an Apartment community basement sale.
  7. Road Trip! Research reliable consignment stores that will mail you a check and then make a road trip. Some may even let you send photos so they can tell you whether or not your trip will be worth it. This is a little bit lower on the list because it’s more time and effort.
  8. Organize a clothing swap with friends or neighbors. Search for “clothing swap tips” and you’ll find plenty of suggestions on how to organize one. You won’t make money on this one but your clothes will find a new home AND you’ll hopefully end up with some new clothes to add to your wardrobe.
  9. Last but not least, I know you said you didn’t want to give them away but sometimes it’s just better to donate some items. Sometimes it takes too much time or effort or what you own really isn’t worth that much but could help out someone else’s wardrobe. Goodwill is my top pick for clothes but Salvation Army is also a good option. You can take a tax deduction because these are charities. or

If you’re reading this and have any other tips on where to sell gently used brand name clothing, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Reuse, Restyle AND Educate

It’s spring cleaning time and what better way to get started than cleaning out your closets to make space for spring clothes as well as sort out spring clothes that you didn’t even wear last year.

Maybe it’s a great piece but a little too short on you. Maybe you even accidentally shrunk it so the size L is now a size S. Or maybe you’ve been exercising like an maniac and lost weight. Get these clothes out of your house – someone else might be able to fit into them!

I’m not going to deny that I don’t sell some of my better quality used clothes via ebay and consignment shops (the consignment shop I go to gives the unsold items to Goodwill) but this doesn’t make sense on some things and can be a huge investment of time.

When this is the case, I drop off my clothes (and other odd n’ ends) with Goodwill. It’s not just good for your closet, it’s also good for the economy because Goodwill trains people and helps them get better jobs.

Check out their impact calculator:

Do you have a blog? Check out their blogger network and help get the word out: