Depilling linen with the Remington Fuzz Away

One of the things that plagues linen as a fabric is pilling. The worst is the pilling on linen pants in the, sorry for my bluntness, crotch area and down as far as anywhere your legs rub together. This is easily remedied with electric shaver designed specifically for de-pilling clothing, sometimes called an electric lint shaver or pill shaver. What I use is an older model of the Remington Fuzz Away. I can’t find this exact one but found several that looked similar but a little more ergonomic.

Remington Fuzz Away

This isn’t perfect for all situations but a depilling device like the pill shaver will help you get more wear out of certain garments while keeping them looking newer instead of ratty and pilled. Take extra care with thin fabric and holding any fabric taught should give you better results.

NOTE: if your garment is really expensive, please seek professional help with repair instead of using this device. It does have the potential to snag or pull if you aren’t careful as well as with certain weaves. IF you would be devastated if you messed up the garment, same goes with the expensive.

Watch this quick video where I depill a pair of linen shorts with the Remington:

If you’re looking for something similar to what I used in the video, check out the newer models that Remington offers (yes, these are affiliate links on Amazon, but they’re cheap and I really do find this item helpful):