Alter a bikini so it doesn’t dig into my neck –
convert it to a criss-cross style

So I mentioned in my last post about swimsuits that I had a couple of ways to alter bikini tops so they don’t dig into my neck. One is no-sew and the other two require sewing and I’ll outline each of these, two of which are criss-cross or cross-back styles, with diagrams below. I’ve also done a quick video in case that helps you get a visual on how things came together on real bikini tops.

No-sew alteration of a triangle bikini top:



Alter a triangle bikini top to a criss-cross back style:


Alter a halter bikini top to a cross back style (my favorite):



Layered bikini top with one-piece swimsuit:

And this is how a bikini top looks under a nike spiderback swimsuit. Yes that’s me. For full disclosure (and maybe to help other people’s perceived weight and body issues) I’m about 5’4″ and 175lbs in these photos. And yes, I don’t look like a “long torso” but when it comes to shopping for swimsuits for some reason I am. These nike suits are one of the few I’ve found that fit as a “regular” and I don’t think they make a tall in these.

Pictured is the no-sew option on the bikini top. I caught the dangling ties in the one-pieces straps which is why you don’t see those hanging down.

Some of the athletic style one-piece suits don’t even have a shelf bra in them so yes, I’ll wear a bikini top underneath for some added support even though I’ve had a few people ask me why. 🙂



One response to “Alter a bikini so it doesn’t dig into my neck –
convert it to a criss-cross style”

  1. Saw your vid on youtube – commented there, but coming here I definitely understand what you did with the string bikinis and will be doing that from now until forever – HA! Thank you.
    And I totally get why you feel more comfortable with a “bra” under your one-piece. It looks very good to me. Rock on!