My Birchbox January 2013

birchbox january 2013

  • number4 clarifying shampoo – yay! Interested in trying this one
  • the balm hot mama – was excited about this until I read dimeticone on the ingredients – it breaks me out
  • fresh lotus youth face cream – dimethicone strikes again
  • lashem – my eyelashes are thick enough so no interest
  • harvey prince skinny chic – when are they going to stop sending me synthetic fragrances – I haven’t even opened it and the smell coming from it is giving me a headache. They need to stop sending me fragrances already. Particularly since they aren’t sending anything that’s natural.

Anyone want to swap? The only one I plan to try is the shampoo. And I also think I’m going to try ipsy.

 Still not signed up for Birchbox? :D

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