Zoya 2013 three free promo deal

If you’ve ever wanted to try Zoya nail polish (which I would say probably comparable to Essie) they’re running their three free promo. So for the cost of S&H ($10) you can get three full size nail polishes if you enter the promo code ZOYA2013
Details here: http://zoyanailpolish.blogspot.com/2013/01/color-your-world-in-2013-with-zoya-nail.html

Their servers are a little slow at the moment so I suggest browsing color options via google to make your choices. I’ve already bought mine. 🙂

I chose:

Zoya 2013 Three Free Promo order

  • ZivI’ve been wanting a good gold nail polish recently.
  • Elodie because it closely resembles Essie “Boat House” and I want a version of this shade that doesn’t come off so quickly.
  • Audrinabecause purples are not prominent in my nail polish collection and this shade of purple is leaning torwards the pink spectrum and a shade I have some clothes in. I’m also slowly collecting the entire “Gossip” collection – I actually like all of the colors in this set.