Photo of the day – Dec 10 2009

Some basic business attire from yesterday. The red flats I recently bought, a pair of dark dark grey pants with a tiny light green pinstripe that are at least 3 years old, and a white acrylic sweater I don’t remember buying but it feels so much like cashmere I checked the tag before I tossed it in the wash. Earrings, gift from mom from Greece trip, and the necklace is a couple dollars worth of flea market finds someone brought to a beading party (thanks Betsy!)


A bit of non-clothing info: I am LOVING the beadboard WALLPAPER I put up in the dining room that you can see here. $25 a roll and I almost did it in one roll (would have been able to if I hadn’t messed up a few pieces.) So $50 and the room looks SO much better. Inspiration from Southern Hospitality’s blog here:

Check it out and the links to the beadboard wallpaper projects other people did as well.

Next house project is removing the textured ceiling and giving everything in there a good coat of paint. I plan on doing a light ale yellow above the chair rail.

The tree in the photo was the display tree that was over half off and came with the lights on it. I love the urn base.

I have a small live arbor vite(sp)  in the living room where the palm tree was this summer that is decorated and will get planted after the holiday season. This artificial one will go in that spot next year. The palm tree started to struggle … it’s sitting under the plant light in the bedroom now with the dwarf lemon, dwarf orange and dwarf blueberry plants. I hope to have fruit in a couple of years!

Now, off to prep the computer for a hard drive and OS upgrade (I’m a geek…)