As you might have noticed…

As you might have noticed I haven’t been around a lot lately. In fact my last post was October of 2016.

I’ll spare you the long winded pages and pages of apologies post that most fashion bloggers seem to do at some point or another. Let’s just leave it at many life changes and both of the household breadwinners being self employed. Me for 17 years. Tim for about a year and a half. And with me doing a LOT of the marketing for his biz to make that possible.

And my interest has waned in clothes and makeup as they feel like a  waste of energy at the moment.

Many of the issues I used to have like acne I’ve been able to resolve by laying off the products designed for acne (ironic, I know.) And removing cheap drugstore and toxic makeup from what I use. And finding out that cones were a problem.

Most days my face is clear enough to go without makeup though I do use an eyeshadow / eyeliner that makes me look like I tried and not like a slob.

And I’ve gone really minimalistic with clothes and jewelry as well. Plus the advent of Pinterest and Instagram have really changed the ways of sharing and storing inspirational ideas.

So for the moment, this website is and will remain more of an archive and a testing ground.

I DO actually use it to test plugins for my business because I would rather break this site than a client’s site.

I may pick it back up and do more with it again in the future but for now … this is REALLY not my focus.

Tada. That wasn’t so bad was it?