Loving Mustard and a link to a Budget Fashion Blog


I am loving the color mustard lately but haven’t found anything in that color that fits me yet. Meanwhile, the budget fashionista or Budgetnista for short has this wonderful outfit posted. She’s really pulled off a look I wouldn’t have expected to work but I think it does. Seriously, mustard and teal/aqua, short pants and booties. Who’d a thunk?

Actually I’m not even sure this outfit would look good on anyone else but I like it on her. Go check out her blog for the full details on where she bought each piece (even if you’re only in love with part of it.) 🙂


2 responses to “Loving Mustard and a link to a Budget Fashion Blog”

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    I read via the RSS feed so I didn’t see that note. I cropped and will be re-uploading in a sec.

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog. I appreciate that. I do have to ask though, if you could please crop off my face if you keep the picture up. I do have a copyright posted on my website, so that blogger will ask permission before using my image. Thanks again and I did see a few mustard colored jacket at DOTS and Rugged Wearhouse.