Walmart shoes and JCPenny Purse

dress shoes and purse

Usually I don’t go for items that have contrast stitching but these shoes fit, they’re low heel and they look sophisticated enough to wear to a business event but they also work well with jeans. They are also relatively comfortable – they’re not the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn (see my boots) but they aren’t going to make my feet hurt unless I go for an extremely long walk in them (they’re just not meant for that kind of activity.)

Then a couple of days later I was flipping through the Sunday newspaper inserts and saw this purse at JCPenny and decided to go check it out. I walked in the store and found it in less than a few minutes, checked it out, it fit my needs and wasn’t too big.

For around $18 each it’s hard to beat. They’re definitely versatile additions to my wardrobe. 🙂