Sephora In Girls

I got this via e-mail today (text minus the graphics):

Do you have that one friend who would do anything for beauty (she’d eat cereal for a week just so she could buy that new anti-wrinkle cream) and is always one step ahead of the trends? If you know a beauty early-adapter (she’s been wearing clumpy lashes since spring), or a makeup addict (collecting lip gloss is her hobby), or you happen to be one yourself, we want them (and you) on our exclusive, trend-spotting team.

So what does it mean to be a Sephora In Girl?

  • a spot on our elite panel of beauty VIP’s for one year
  • access to exclusive online surveys
  • a chance to sound off on all things beauty
  • an opportunity to preview new products

Rule and regulations:

Nominations are being accepted through October 31, 2006.

Nomination link:

You can’t nominate yourself but you can nominate a friend (or me! [email protected] if you do … it would be appreciated.)


One response to “Sephora In Girls”

  1. nichud30 Avatar

    My sister-in-law is soooo into Sephora it’s sick! we took a family vacation to Disneyland, and we HAD to go to the Sephora store right out of Disneyland, I have to admit, it was pretty cool.