6pm.com = RSVP shoes for $6.95 & Nine West for $14.95

I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last but I do know the shoes seem to be going fast. I ended up buying 9 pairs of shoes for approximately $100 which meant I also got free shipping on nine pairs of shoes. Some of my purchase was more practical than exciting but you really can’t beat 9 pairs of shoes that normally run$60-$90 EACH for about $100 total.

Below is what I bought (click to go to their page on 6pm.com):



2 responses to “6pm.com = RSVP shoes for $6.95 & Nine West for $14.95”

  1. Angela Avatar

    I was wondering, do the shoes from 6pm.com come with the original shoeboxes?

    1. Administrator Avatar

      Looks like my reply didn’t make it the first go round. Yes, the shoes came in their original boxes.