Michael Antonio “Jaxine-MET” Silver heel Review

Well I did in fact say in my previous post that I have bought the silver Michael Antonio “Jaxine-MET” for $19.99 from 6pm.com.


I think I made a mistake when I purchased these. :/

Starting at the point where I wasn’t even standing up in them and they were already really uncomfortable. And yes, I did also stand up in them. Same problem.  They just really don’t fit my foot shape whatsoever. The strap at the toes pinch and just don’t seem to be a position that works well. It looks like maybe if you have longer toes this might not be the case. You can see in the pictures below just home much extra shoe there is beyond my toes. You don’t want toes hanging off the edge but this seems a little too much and my foot is following the other curves of the shoe.

I also don’t like that the gold (which can be seen on the website) is more of a rose gold / copper and wraps around the edge of the shoe. It distracts from the silver and makes them look a bit cheaper in person. If it had been on the footbed only of the Michael Antonio “Jaxine-MET” it would have been better. Then again, that doesn’t really matter as much as the fact that they hurt my feet. the gold really isn’t that bad … probably just me being picky now because the shoe isn’t going to work. :/

The heel of the shoe IS silver (from the photos on 6pm.com I thought there was a chance that the heel was white.) Just thought I should also mention that  since it was something I was wondering about when I made my purchase.

Michael-Antonio-Jaxine-MET-on 2

And a reminder, if you buy from 6pm.com the shipping to you might be free (and great if you’re sure about the shoe) but you have to pay the return shipping (not great if the shoe doesn’t work out.) Debating at this moment if I spend the money and ship them back or take them to the consignment store and hope someone buys them. Probably pay the shipping and send them back… blah.

Update: It was going to cost me $9 in shipping at it’s cheapest so I’m going to take them to the consignment store. :/

High & Low Roundup – Silver Sandals with 4″ heels

So we’re going to play a little game called “High & Low Roundup.” This round will be Silver Sandals with 4″ heels. From the photo below can you tell which pair is the $298 pair? And which pair is the look-alike for $19.99 pair? (I photoshopped the logo off the footbeds.) Scroll down for the answer.





Keep scrolling



We have the:
Michael Antonio “Jaxine-MET” $19.99 (top shoe with the gold footbed)
Elizabeth and James “Toni Slim Sandals” $298.00 (bottom shoe)

I actually ordered the cheaper pair from 6pm.com tonight and will review them when they get in. There are subtle differences in the styles and I actually like a couple of little details on the cheaper pair. The stitching on the more expensive pair probably means they’ll last a little longer though.

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6pm.com …

My shoes were delivered today. We’ll start with the good news, I liked all but one pair and they arrived super fast.

The bad news? 6pm.com needs to use more tape. Simple, cheap, tape…
Why? Because I’m missing a shoe. One single shoe …
One piece of tape across the package each direction containing 9 pairs of shoes with no bubble wrap wasn’t sufficient. It appeared to be the only shoe box inside that hadn’t been plastic wrapped or have a plastic strip holding it closed which would explain why it didn’t show up with even fewer shoes inside.

Yes, they refunded me for that pair because they have no more in stock but somehow I’m feeling like that just isn’t making up for the fact that possibly one of the cutest shoes I’ve laid eyes on got lost in the mail and now I won’t get a pair.

I’ve checked e-bay, I’ve checked amazon, I’ve checked about 10 pages worth of sites looking for a replacement and it’s sold out everywhere in every size.

Anyone buy the Nine West Assilla shoe in an 8-8.5 that they want to get rid of? Pretty please? I’m going to wear one shoe around the house and pout now …

I know I know … I should be happy for the other 7 pairs of shoes I’m keeping and are cute….

6pm.com = RSVP shoes for $6.95 & Nine West for $14.95

I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last but I do know the shoes seem to be going fast. I ended up buying 9 pairs of shoes for approximately $100 which meant I also got free shipping on nine pairs of shoes. Some of my purchase was more practical than exciting but you really can’t beat 9 pairs of shoes that normally run$60-$90 EACH for about $100 total.

Below is what I bought (click to go to their page on 6pm.com):