Plank-a-day April 2014 progress


#ffaprilabs #plankaday proof photo mid month (and the photo shows me that I probably need to get my butt lower.)


  • I ended up completing planks 17 out of 30 days in April.
  • I think the longest time was 30 seconds and I was typically holding 20 seconds and I know I could improve on the time.
  • The app I used to track my progress is called “Lift” and can be found for iphone or android

Planks are a simple but good exercise and I want to continue to keep it on my daily todo list. You can do planks almost anywhere and you can be wearing jeans or pajamas so they’re good if you can’t find the time to do a full workout.

I know I only completed a little over 50% of the month of April but I have to say it’s not my only goal or priority. I had a couple of distractions. For example you can see I missed a few days around the 15th of the month – I was distracted by making sure my taxes were done on time (quickbooks decided to give me some trouble so I barely had time to sleep, planks were not at the top of the list those days.) I also ended up simply forgetting to do a plank a couple of times as well.

I am installing a mirror though below one of the windows so I can check my form more easily. I had a spare wall mirror that will work nicely once I get some new mounting brackets.

There’s more than one way to do a plank though. I’ve included an excellent resource I found on Pinterest below (can’t seem to find it on the original site listed at the bottom of the image or I would have linked to that.)

Do you plank? 🙂