Waterproof eyeliner trick

Here’s a neat little trick to applying waterproof mascara as an eyeliner:
1) Take a fine tipped brush (see my previous post about buying brushes at an art store if you don’t already own one.)
2) Open your waterproof mascara and pull the mascara brush out.
3) Get some of the mascara off of that brush with your fine tipped brush and apply to your eye.
4) Give it a second or three to dry and set.

Easy as that. You’ll need to clean the fine tipped brush after use but it’s a cheap quick way to get a high quality waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Higher end solution for waterproof/smudgeproof liner (with more color choices): Mac fluid liner pots or Estee Lauder Pure Color liner (love the plum color … can’t get that in a waterproof mascara.)