Rimmel eyeshadow depotted fits perfectly in a Mark “Customize your face” case – mezzo size

Rimmel Special Eyes in Mark Mezzo case

I hated how the lids on the old rimmel eyeshadow cases came off (the newer rimmel cases are hinged though.) I had three rimmel shades I wanted to keep so I was looking around on ebay and saw the Mark “Customize your face” case/pallet. It was a decent price and it LOOKED like the rimmel might fit (I had no measurments whatsoever to go by here.) I went ahead and bought it anyway.

I actually haven’t depotted any eyeshadows before either so that was also a first. There are plenty of good instructions on the web but I’ll repeat the info I used here. For depotting Rimmel Special Eyes you will need:
1) Aluminum foil or a disposable pie pan.
2) An oven or a toaster oven set at 300 degrees.
3) a knife.

I placed the eyeshadow on some foil and put it in my 300 degree toaster oven for exactly 3 minutes (time may vary.) The goal is to loosen the adhesive, not to melt the entire plastic piece. When I pulled it out of the toaster oven, I used the knife to push the tin out of the plastic portion of the case (which was now slightly soft) and I also removed the label from the bottom and applied it to the Rimmel pan (so the information about the color is still there.)

The Mark Mezzo pallet comes with a magnet in the bottom already so the metal pan stays in place (no glueing on magnets like some other products and pallets require.) And it looks like the Mezzo will hold 4 Rimmel pans.

Shown here are: Jet Black 214, Cosmix 081, Mars 034


2 responses to “Rimmel eyeshadow depotted fits perfectly in a Mark “Customize your face” case – mezzo size”

  1. i just bought techno plum to i don’t like it as much though

  2. Hey here is a great produtc I love It!!!
    Phycsians formula “Virtual eyes” I got the color “down to earth” the color changes from brown to a gold and then a green (the color I got ) it doesn’t change it just….idk how to describe it the color looks different in differnt angles is the best way to put it!
    Try the product and let us know what you think!!!
    p.s. Its a loose powder that u apply with your finger or brush I LOVE IT I found it at the dollat store although I would check walmart