Quick update!

Last week I caught a bit of the bug that was going around and was sick for a couple of days.

This week my furnace died and the whole thing is currently being replaced, from duct work to adding a sump pump. House is frozen, just trying to keep up with work.

I’m self employed and work from home … which right now means I’m at my parents house most of the day trying to work remotely on a system that hasn’t been fully set up to work remotely. This very second I’m in my house with people dissassembling the old furnace underneith me (and my fingers are darn cold!!!!!!!)

So that’s where I am and that why I haven’t been posting. I may not post much for another week or so because I have more work to catch up on now as a result of this furnace situation.

An update on the Jesse’s Girl – they are close to getting the website done and will e-mail me when it’s ready. I will try and make sure I get that link up as soon as I get that info though since I know several of you reading this blog are chomping at the bit for it. I will tell you that there’s not an e-commerce system in place so you won’t be able to purchase Jesse’s Girl online yet. Maybe in a month I’ll have the time to take orders and go to the drugstore for those who ask and we can work out paypal payments for the cost of the makeup and shipping (I’m not going to mark it up unless I can convince the Jesse’s Girl people to send me some at the wholesale rate to distribute which may or may not be an option … I don’t want to make a business out of this.)



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  1. Jump into March…UPDATE!
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