Jesse’s Girl (part 3)

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I have been contacted by the daughter of the owners of Jesse’s Girl cosmetics, Christine. She designed the Rite-Aid display and had some better pictures of the display and a few of the products.

New products are in the works, AND a website is being launched! (I have a web address but there’s really nothing there right now.) She said she would contact me once the website was fully functional. She also said she would check and see if they knew why Rite-Aid does not sell their products online (Jesse’s Girl does not have plans currently to set up their own online store.)

Below are the photos she sent – I’ll keep you all up to date as I find out more!!!

jesses girl makeup
jesse's girl cosmetics
jesse's girl eyeshadow
jesse's girl display

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  1. Administrator Avatar

    Yup – I posted this in a later blog entry. 🙂


    Now you can see the whole make up line and ORDER ONLINE!

  3. I buy the lip gloss— The pink lemonade is the best.. it is the cutest tint that goes great with a smokey eye color ( really any color). I have been trying to just buy in bulk online with no avail. When I go to rite aid I buy them all at once…. frustrating

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    Their website isn’t quite done yet I don’t think (and if they don’t use a form or at least change the letters in the code to html characters so they are less likely to be picked up by spam bots, they are going to be SWAMPPED with spam. Maybe even a javascript workaround that the bots won’t pick up. HELLO web designers! Plain text e-mail addresses on websites are bad!)

    Currently the product line is only carried by Rite Aide but not every single location has them. Their daughter said that they are trying to get them into other stores as well (I don’t want to give out the daughter’s e-mail address because she doesn’t work full time for her parent’s company – she contacted me because of the posts I had made.)

    Your best bet for the moment is to call around to your local Rite Aide stores and asking if they have it.

  5. Is there a way to contact the owner of this makeup line to see if we can get it around in other states/cities? I really love this kind of makeup.


  6. Hey thanx 4 letting us know!!!!