Just a quick update

My goal with clothingcult.com was to try and have one to two posts per week. I was out sick for over a week here. I just happened to have prepped the CoverGirl DIY makeup pallet review before I got sick (I just hadn’t published it because I hadn’t gotten the image off of my digital camera.)

If things get a little silent for awhile here it’s because I’m self-employeed and I’m trying to catch up on the work that didn’t get done while I was out sick for so long. I just wanted to let everyone know because I don’t want you all thinking that I’ve abandoned you or that this was some phase to be forgotten.

I will hopefully be back soon! Meanwhile I promise to keep up with the promos section (which I haven’t had time to create a menu link for yet): http://www.clothingcult.com/promos/ Somehow I managed to keep up with thatmost days even though I was sick.

In the meantime, if you’re bored, check out some of the fashion sites listed in my blogroll. 🙂