Purse Organizers

  • I initially wanted one of these:
    But I saw them in a store about a year ago and although the concept is good, the material was flimsy and fragile feeling … I would probably buy this if the plastic inside were thicker and the fabric covering were a nylon or something more durable and cleanable. These might be more durable than they seem so I would love to hear from someone who has tried one of these.
  • DIY version of the above:
  • And another that might be a bit more sturdy ???:
  • Today though I saw this in a catalog:
    This seems a little bit better …I like the idea of the zipper top because I no longer buy open top purses after an incident where my purse fell between the wall and restaurant booth seat and EVERYTHING fell out and went all over the place. The only drawback to this at the moment is that my current purse I think is smaller than the “small” version of this.

So has anyone tried any of these? Have another recommendation? I would love to hear from you! 🙂