Revlon Nail Art Neon

Someone has finally figured out that you need a good coat of white under neon to really make it pop. Enter Revlon’s Nail Art in Neon.

I bought the “Pink Glow.”  I love this color!

However… the white sucks
AND it chips fast even when you use another white under it.


I did my toenails with my normal Sinful Colors base coat, a coat of the Revlon white (it was streaky) and then two coats of the pink. 3 days and it was already chipping.

On my hands I did the same thing but replaced the Revlon white with a Sinful colors white that was less streaky. It started chipping at day 3 as well. Usually I can get at least 5 days out of nail polish anymore before huge chunks fall off.

I also used the Sinful Colors Nail Art in white to create a chevron pattern on one thumb. The tiny brush needed a little trim because it had a stray hair hanging out but other than that, I like it.

So maybe it needed top coat or maybe it’s time for a new base coat.
It’s a fun color however and I’ll give it another try.

The applicator shape is actually kinda nice. More like holding a lipgloss tube than a nail polish bottle. Not going to stand on the table which may affect your opinion of it though.


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Mixing Nail Polishes – Lattes at Tiffany’s

I SWEAR this isn’t going to be a nail polish blog. It’s just what I’m a little obsessed with at the moment. 


mixing polish on packing tapeSo I’ve been looking for a warm grey for awhile so a couple of weeks ago I was mixing polishes and came across a combo I liked. Easiest way to do this is put some packing tape on the counter and mix away to determine if it’s worth the polish to make a larger batch like so (then mix with a brush.)


I looked on ebay and found some empty mini nail polish bottles for a decent price and ordered some. (I actually like OPI’s “You don’t know Jaques” which I found out after I bought some mini bottles.)


Anyway they are nice little bottles and I mixed up two different colors.

The Latte sorta grey brown color I mentioned above made using Zoya “Tao”, Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”, and Revlon’s “Hot for Chocolate” :

And the one I’m going to call “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” because it reminds me of the tiffany color (though probably not exact to be honest) made combining Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” and Sinful Colors “Aqua”:

So what do you think of my custom mixes?
And have you ever mixed your own personal nail polish colors?

Glittery Pinks – Essie “Luxe Affects” Multidimensional Top Coat in “A Cut Above” vs Wet N Wild Shine in “Sparked” or 435G

essie a cut above and wet n wild sparkle nail polish swatch

Right to Left (reverse of what you’re probably used to): 1 coat of Essie “A Cut Above” then 3 generous coats, 1 coat of Wet N Wild “Sparked” then 3 generous coats, and the last one on the left is one coat of “A Cut Above” over 2 coats of Essie “A Crewed Interest.”

The color is almost identical but the application is totally different. I almost would say you shouldn’t compare the two and would not consider this a “dup.”

  • If you’re looking for a finer glitter I would go with the Wet N Wild but if you want a more confetti glitter look I would go with the Essie.
  • If I had to pick between the two and could only buy one, I would go with the Essie even though it’s more expensive because it just somehow looks a bit more upscale and classier. I did however get the Essie in the March “Teen Vogue” Birchbox.

There is also apparently a Revlon color that is, based on the swatches I see online, somewhere in between the two I’ve reviewed here. Revlon 261-Sparkling.

And Butter London also has a pink glittery color called “Rosie Lee.” B-you-tifullness via Pretty Project via High on Polish via Snappette (aka I saw it on Snappette and the source is B-you-tifullness) has a great example of a pink glitter and nude mani using the Butter London “Rosie Lee.”

I did a quick little video so you can see the two colors I reviewed just a little better.