Revlon Nail Art Neon

Someone has finally figured out that you need a good coat of white under neon to really make it pop. Enter Revlon’s Nail Art in Neon.

I bought the “Pink Glow.”  I love this color!

However… the white sucks
AND it chips fast even when you use another white under it.


I did my toenails with my normal Sinful Colors base coat, a coat of the Revlon white (it was streaky) and then two coats of the pink. 3 days and it was already chipping.

On my hands I did the same thing but replaced the Revlon white with a Sinful colors white that was less streaky. It started chipping at day 3 as well. Usually I can get at least 5 days out of nail polish anymore before huge chunks fall off.

I also used the Sinful Colors Nail Art in white to create a chevron pattern on one thumb. The tiny brush needed a little trim because it had a stray hair hanging out but other than that, I like it.

So maybe it needed top coat or maybe it’s time for a new base coat.
It’s a fun color however and I’ll give it another try.

The applicator shape is actually kinda nice. More like holding a lipgloss tube than a nail polish bottle. Not going to stand on the table which may affect your opinion of it though.


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2 responses to “Revlon Nail Art Neon”

  1. Becki Green Avatar
    Becki Green

    I thought I was gonna love this. I bought the same pink you did,very pretty color. But that whole white base coat is a streaky mess. It’s like putting White Out on your nails. I tried the white base coat and 2 layers of the pink. It wasn’t worth all that painting and drying time if you’ll me. I really wanted this to work. I also bought the blue color, and the blue is VERY messy and so,so streaky with the white base coats well. With the blue on the white you never get a even shade of blue,if that makes sense.

    1. It does make sense.

      Overall I wouldn’t buy another one of these nail polishes. I don’t mind having to put on a white coat to get a neon to pop but the white that comes with this is just too streaky to even use as a base.

      I still really like this particular shade of pink BUT the bottom line is that the white isn’t usable and even using another white it just plain doesn’t last for some reason.

      I think they need to rethink their formulation on this one.