Coral Pants & Navy – spring has sprung

A quick outfit of the day from last week- Coral Pants & Navy:

coral pants ootd April 2013

new coral pants from Kohl’s // basic navy tshirt // diy navy scarf
 tan Riveira sandals from Payless // Nine & Co. crossbody purse from Kohl’s
as well as cute daffodils – Spring has sprung!

A lot of this outfit is from last spring so most of the items are not available for purchase still… but the pants are and they’re even more discounted than they were in my last post!

Recently on Pinterest : April 7th 2013 edition


Just a selection of things I’ve pinned or repinned on pinterest recently.
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What I Wore – Tommy Hilfiger polka dot button up shirt

(click photo for larger version) So this is a deep navy with small dot patterned shirt. I believe I got this last spring when I was thrift shopping.

It’s not my norm because I have a hard time getting button up shirts to not gape in the front and also not look like I’m wearing a tent.

Anyway, it’s nice and well made and looks ok. It is a full sleeve blouse but looked a little better with the sleeves rolled. I could wear it under a sweater though this winter too.

Mud Pie –
Navy Geo Mod Tie Tank Dress

This is one of the other items I picked up at Blooming Boutique in Rehoboth Beach DE in early August. Mud Pie Navy Geo Mod Tie Tank Dress (#810232S)

It’s a really nice versatile dress. Easy to wear because it’s stretchy and it can be dressed up with the right shoes and a cardigan but it’s also very comfortable and casual enough to, if you wanted to, wear it as a beach coverup.

I actually tried this on early in the week, liked it but didn’t know if I really needed a dress but then ended up spending the week looking at other dresses and comparing it to this one. So I finally went back and bought it (though it took me a bit to figure out where I had tried it on at.)

I have worn this with the navy wedge sandals I got at Payless and a white cardigan to a meeting. The ends of the ties have little gold metal toggles.

The only thing I wish were a little different were the cut in the back on the shoulders, it could be a little wider to more easily cover regular bra straps. Would be better with a racerback bra (or again, cover with a cardigan if you’re worried.) 


Again with the preppy pattern, it reminds me a bit of the greek key pattern.
REALLY really happy with this purchase.