Congratulations to the winners of the
October Mystery Birchbox & Ipsy grabbag!

Since I had a few more products come in to send back out, I decided to do two boxes. This also kept my shipping weight under 1 lb for each box AND allowed me to fit everything into two boxes.

So on to announcing the winners from the October Mystery Birchbox & Ipsy grabbag contest

Julie won the “grand prize” … which meant she got to pick her box. She chose box # 1
(Link to Julie’s blog: )
Tina came in second and will receive box # 2

And seeing as these were the only two people to enter the mystery contest, I thought I would make you all jealous of what they were sent by sharing the photos below. 😛

Shame on me for making it a mystery grab bag, no photos and no products listed… not good for SEO, yes I was being lazy but I STILL figured I would still have more than 2 people enter!!!
Sheesh y’all…

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October Mystery Birchbox & Ipsy grabbag - box 1

October Mystery Birchbox & Ipsy grabbag - box 2

Upcoming contest / giveaway…
probably August 2013

You know how I said in a couple of my videos that I was going to do a giveaway soon? Well I let one of my friends raid my stash of items last week and she ended up wanting WAY more items than I thought she would want to take.

That’s alright since the products found a new home but it does mean I’m going to wait a bit so there’s a little more variety in the giveaway.

Keep an eye out – I WILL be doing a giveaway
(probably after the next Birchbox & Ipsy shipments come in in August.)