DIY Bracelet to Necklace { more turquoise jewelry }

So I found this great Ralph Lauren bracelet on clearance at Dillard’s. I didn’t like it as a bracelet as much as I wanted it for the giant clasp. I’ve been looking for a giant clasp since Switzerland and I haven’t seen a good one for less than $20+S&H so I jumped at the chance to buy one for about $18 with turquoise beads I knew were at least worth $7 or more. Since this wasn’t my initial purpose for the large clasp I went back and bought a pink bracelet as well.

Turquoise necklace from a Ralph Lauren bracelet

4 Simple steps:

  1. Remove the end from the bracelet (pictured on the right) since it fits the clasp.
  2. Attach it to the end of the chain and connect to the clasp.
  3. Wrap around your neck to decide how long you want it and cut the chain at that point. Mirror comes in handy. 😉
  4. Attach the cut end of the chain to your bracelet.

And voila, you have a new necklace!

Turquoise necklace and earrings

Matches the earrings and ring I previously posted. Yay – a full set!

turquoise jewelry set

DIY drapey wrap vest : semi-fail

Recently I bought a wrap sweater from Victoria’s Secret. I love the options and ways it can be worn but the fabric has been horrendous. I got the Cotton & Cashmere Shadow Stripe Wrap which they no longer carry. Basically a little of:

I have gotten a few good wears out of the sweater but it pills, heavily. But it’s black so it’s less noticeable. I would have returned it if I had spent the original $60 price. However it was discounted and then I had a $10 off coupon so I only spent about $16 for the sweater and a scarf including shipping. Not worth the wasted time (and an awesome deal really.)

What I’ve learned however is that that sweater is basically a giant rectangle plus sleeves. Which got me thinking, why not make my own quick drape-y sweater vest? I had some men’s undershirts that I thought would be perfect fabric (there’s not much knit fabric to choose from locally for some reason) and it was at least a good test run.

Why I think it failed:

  1. color block? Eee. I think it would look better as a single color
  2. it’s a vest so you’re going to see the color of your sleeves too (another reason to do this single color)
  3. a little too short in the “wings” – maybe another 1/2 yard to a yard
  4. a little too long top to bottom, the VS version was shorter which looks better

I should have simply measured the VS wrap to start with (which is by the way about 31″x87″.)

I will be trying this again soon. The men’s undershirts were I think about $10-$12 for a 4pack (Hanes Men’s Sleeveless 4 Pack Rib Knit or Fruit of the Loom Men’s 4-Pack A-Shirts. 2XL gets you a fair amount of fabric to play with.) If I can find some knit fabric locally it would be faster and no-sew so I’ll be checking that out.

Or I might buy some from I haven’t bought fabric off the internet yet and missing that step of touching it before buying will be odd. Maybe one of these though.