23 cent undies – sew your own

Don’t worry, the photo of the undies will be on the plastic mannequin.


  • 23 cents worth of elastic
  • old t-shirt
  • Sewing machine or patience and hand sewing skills

So the liner in underwear always annoys me to no end. It always seems to stretch out more and bunch and ruin a perfectly wonderful pair of underwear. If the goal is to keep jeans from rubbing your nether regions though I can see the benefit of adding an extra layer so I used a double layer of t-shirt fabric for the whole underwear.

I took a pair of underwear I liked and traced them without the bottom seam. No need to add any extra to the sides of the pattern. I then took a t-shirt and cut out the underwear from my pattern with two layers. Sew on elastic to the leg opening using a zig zag stitch because it needs to stretch and determine the length for the waist. Pretty simple really. I’ll do a full tutorial or post the pattern if anyone is interested.

DIY thong undies

These are low-rise thong (shhhh…. sometimes thongs are better than having undies with more fabric riding up) but it would also be pretty easy with string bikini. Recycles a t-shirt, I think my elastic was organic or at least unbleached and you can’t beat the price either!

I did a reverse applique on this pair which was sandwiched with a back layer.  Ironically, the floral fabric is from an old pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear.

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