Makeup of the day – natural makeup, natural look

Pacifica Power of Love Coconut Infused Mineral Eye Shadow Palette, gel eyeliner in “Tahitian pearl,” aquarian gaze black “abyss” mascara, enlightened gloss in “opal.” W3ll people narcissist foundation in shade 3. Everyday minerals jojoba base powder in “sand”, and bronzer in “gimme a Kissimmee.” 


#ootd cute bugs shirt from Kohl’s

So I bought this cute light cotton shirt from Kohl’s yesterday. I think it will be easy to pair with t-shirt and tank tops this spring/summer.

Kentucky pretty much requires layering as the weather has wild mood swings. For example today’s high will be 57 and low of 35 – in ONE day!! So I decided to wear this today anyway even though later I might need a sweater … Or a winter coat! But it’s a nice preppy casual outfit.

Just a little fun with the layout app – no twins here. Though sometimes I wish there was a second one of me since there’s so much going on lately!