Bikini … or was that Dare Devil?
Sinful Colors nailpolish

Daredevil vs Bikini nailpolish ... mislabled

So I actually have been wearing this color a lot and I noticed when I tried applied it on my trip that I had gone through over half the bottle and it was getting a little gloopy. Since these nail polishes are only $2 each I just decided I should get another one. BUT when I went to pick up the color I had been using, it didn’t look right. Bikini seemed just a hair too purple compared to what I had on. So I dug through the bin (the local Walgreens has some in a proper display and others in a giant bin) looking for something closer.

Turns out it I might what I thought was “Bikini” was mislabeled and is actually “Dare Devil.” :/


2 responses to “Bikini … or was that Dare Devil?
Sinful Colors nailpolish”

  1. sunnysided Avatar

    So funny because I just visited my niece who was wearing Daredevil on her toes and when she went to get more for me and others who loved it she could only find Bikini. She made the same comment as you did so we are on the hunt too. Not sure what happened to Daredevil but it is a touch different than Bikini.

    1. I don’t know if they’re phasing out daredevil but your comment makes me want to pick up even one more bottle.

      I saw a “pool colors” display and it had bikini along with some other colors. It’s a nice color but its just not the same.

      It’s my “go to” shade in the summer. It seems easier to apply than a lot of other shades and dries fairly fast and flawlessly which is probably the other reason I keep going back to it over and over. Very easy to wear shade that’s fun and not boring. 🙂