“Spin Spa” from Home Trends catalog Guest Review

Guest review by: Diane Jensen

The Spin Spa is a motorized, long-handled back scrubber, massager, cleanser, and exfoliant. It is for use in the shower only as it cannot be submerged in water. It requires 3 AA batteries and it has two speeds – high and low.

It comes with several heads that can be attached to it – a microdermabrasion head, a massage/cleanser head, a cleanser head, a pumice tool, and a nylon mesh head. With it’s vibrating motion, the Spin Spa not only cleanses your body, but gives your body a blood-moving massage which helps to wake you up and get the blood going.

And, with its long handle, you can easily reach all areas of your back and do your feet and lower body without much bending over.

For only $14.95, I highly recommend this tool.

Spin Spa back scrubber