St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner

st_ives_swiss_formula_hair_repair_intensive_conditioning_treatmentI wanted to post a follow up on my e-mail to St. Ives that I mentioned before. They wrote back in response to my inquiry of where to purchase the product. The news wasn’t good however:

“…Unfortunately, due to low consumer demand the St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner was discontinued, and is no longer available in our warehouses. We are sorry that we were unable to assist you with your request.”

Obviously some people liked this product- rephrase that, loved this product – myself included. And we’re scouring the web for it. I looked at my web stats today and for 3 days of November I’ve already had one hit from someone looking for this St. Ives product.

If anyone can recommend a good substitute for this product, please do!


UPDATE April 2013: It’s 8 years later and I STILL get approximately 100 unique visitors PER MONTH on this post alone. Clearly people are still searching for this product!

Link to EWGEWG Environmental Working Group – an organization focused on research to make informed choices and live a healthy life in a healthy environment. with ingredient list:


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  1. candace sandt Avatar
    candace sandt

    I used this product years ago myself and husband had sooooo many compliments on how shiny my hair was please bring back can’t find anything that comes close and I have tried everything

  2. Judith Giorgio Avatar
    Judith Giorgio

    Ok, obviously a Wen employee or Chaz Dean wrote that. First, I was a St Ives user for years, and Wen doesn’t come close. Second, when you rinse Wen out your hair is left flat and greasy looking. Yes, I rinsed it out, Im not a fool, and I did give Wen a chance for months, and my hair always looked flat and greasy. With St. Ives, it rinsed clean and was never flat or greasy. We are never going to find a replacement, so why don’t we try to either find the real thing, an organized search, or lobby the company to bring it back? Who is with me?

  3. Esther Johnson Avatar
    Esther Johnson

    I super LOVED this product and bummed when I learned back in 2003 it was discontinued. I continue my search to find it anywhere. I want them to bring it back!

  4. Here is the same product!!!

    [Pin It]

    L’Oreal EverPure Volume Conditioner Rosemary Mint
    I did some investigation!!!
    Started with Wella Care in the 19 70’s, thenClariol Conditioner,1975’s St Ives 3 Minute Miracle 80’s~Lost without those tiny packets.Had 3 uses out of one.Looked at all ingredients and found the same in L’Oreal EverPure!CVS Has it!!!

  5. is there a petition to make them start again?

  6. This is the single best hair product I’ve ever used. I get my hair blown dry once a week and use salon-purchased quality products. There will never be an equal. I have thick wavy hair that has a natural flip when it’s blown out. This truly was an A+ product. St. Ives bring it back!

  7. So glad to come across this website to find others who appreciated, and now miss, St. Ives Swiss Formula Hair Thickening Shampoo & Hair Repair Conditioner. I realized it was becoming more and more difficult to find so began purchasing by the case directly from the manufacturer. Been out of it for years,,,then a co-worker gave me a travel-sized bottle of Wen Cleansing Conditioner. Folks – I’m convinced it’s our beloved St. Ives product. First clue is the white, creamy appearance. Next clue is the fresh, minty scent, I instantly recognized it! Most compelling clue is the “deep freeze” I feel as I allow it to work on my hair. I do believe Chaz Dean has re-worked the formula to improve quality and immediacy of the results but would state with my dying breath it IS my beloved St. Ives. Kudos to Chaz Dean if he recognized this amazing product and purchased the rights to it..or for producing a product tha provides same amazing results. I’ll pay the increased cost to have the amazing results.

  8. Claudia Avatar

    Really awful they finished this wonderful product!
    I´m trying to go “green” from food to skin care and this product is the only quemical stuff I miss!
    Maybe St. Ives just expired the patent… This Pureology masque has far more heavy chemicals…I´ve seen the formula and I´m not seduced enough.
    I´ve been researching much on natural alternatives to these miraculous formulas and have found traditional Indian oils. I was even able to encrease the amount of my hair. And it´s a big deal when you are in your 50´s! I also read (in a brazilian blog) about a trick to increase the effect of your anti-frizz: adding gelatin powder or the sheet solved in warm water (it can´t be much, otherwise you don´t have just defined curls, but wet effect….blugh!). It has strengthed my hair (I chose to skip the formulas and just use the thin gelatin water; it works for me).
    Anyway….If you find St. Ives….tell me!

  9. nirlz77 Avatar

    I am still searching for the product. I loved it! Any recommendations for a substitute product?

  10. Brianna Camarda Avatar
    Brianna Camarda

    Yup: still looking. This product was great: deep conditioning, soothing on the scalp, reduced frizz, increased shine…and no overcoating brittleness. So sad to discover it’s long gone.

  11. HiTree Avatar

    Have you found any other products that work? I miss this

    1. Nothing has been quite the same … there are some excellent suggestions in the other comments however. None are an exact match in my opinion.

  12. BTZ (Beyond the Zone) Shock Treatment overnight hair repair is VERY close to the St. Ives hair repair. I used to love SI’s hair repair. It took a very long time to find something close to it.
    Shock Treatment is in a blue tube, costs about $6 and can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

  13. catlover52 Avatar
    catlover52 ALMOST IDENTICAL & I was obsessed/hooked on the St. Ives. I bought a triple pak on Amazon & very very happy!

    1. I’ve tried the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner and if you are simply looking for the tingly mintyness then this is a good match AND it starts out seeming like it’s the perfect match (if you look at my post 5 years ago, I thought it was as well.) HOWEVER is not as deeply conditioning as the St. Ives was (at least for me) and didn’t leave my hair looking amazing day after day after day over time. It’s definitely really close but it’s just not quite there.

      I should go back and give it another try. It might be one of those things that would be better if I alternated back and forth between conditioners. However I didn’t have to alternate when I was using the St. Ives.

  14. boo I loved this stuf

  15. Hello all seekers of the dream do ~ I have 2 brand new 7 oz St. Ives MUD MIRACLE for sale ~ they are $35 each +4 shipping to US (pureology is $7 an ounce) If anyone wants one .. or both ~ my email is [email protected] ~ I got these for myself ~ but if someone is willing to buy them I will sell!! I also have loved this product for many years ~

  16. I’ve contacted Wendy to see if she’ll share the DIY recipe so I can post it here. Even 7 years later I’m still getting a couple hundred people looking at this post in particular … per month.

  17. Wendy Latimore-Ferrell Avatar
    Wendy Latimore-Ferrell

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    For a fraction of the cost, you can easily make your own deep conditioner with the same active ingredients. It wouldn’t be thick like our beloved hair repair but it does the job. Anyone who wants to know how to do this is welcome to respond directly. By the way, I have incredibly thick hair and used the intensive conditioner for most of my life until I got stationed in PR and couldn’t find it there. That’s when i learned to make my own. Good luck!

    1. I too was disappointed to find this product discontinued, although I had a feeling since I hadn’t seen it in forever. And for the person who thinks the St. Ives Admin isn’t listening, I’m sure they are, but like any other company, large or small, the want/’need/demand for a product must be enough to be at least a bit profitable. So I understand. Having said all that, I would indeed love to know how to make it myself and appreciate your offer Wendy. If you would contact me at [email protected] or the address below. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

    2. I too was disappointed to find this product discontinued, although I had a feeling since I hadn’t seen it in forever. And for the person who thinks the St. Ives Admin isn’t listening, I’m sure they are, but like any other company, large or small, the want/’need/demand for a product must be enough to be at least a bit profitable. So I understand. Having said all that, I would indeed love to know how to make it myself and appreciate your offer Wendy. If you would contact me at [email protected] or the address below. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

      1. Jenny pittman Avatar
        Jenny pittman

        Did you ever get an answer? If so I’m very interested in the recipe [email protected]

        1. I tried emailing her about the recipe as well and got no response. Not sure if the other person posting might have had better luck.

        2. I sent an email and got not response about the recipe from Wendy.

    3. Please sed me the ingredients …I loved this product

      1. See below – I tried contacting Wendy about the ingredients and got no response.

    4. would like st ives conditioner recipie. Loved this stuff!!!!!

  18. s Pritchett Avatar
    s Pritchett

    I’ve looked high and low for the St Ives product too. I loved the wonderful mint tingle and smell of the product. It was the best ever. Too bad, the company isn’t listening to us. In fact that was the only St Ives product i used. I’m glad I found the different recommendations, I will try a couple or two.

  19. Honestly think that the key ingredients that made the St. Ives conditioner so good aren’t the cheapest ingredients: ceteryl alcohol (which is actually a wax,) large amount of rosemary oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and menthol. I’ve actually looked at attempting to recreate this myself but it would take me about $80 in base ingredients to just get started (though it would produce a fairly large batch.) It would also be paraben and chemical free which the WEN conditioner is not.

    I however agree with you on a lot of the other hair salon products aren’t much different from the drugstore products and the only difference is price.

    I’ve found one natural (paraben and artificial fragrance free) shampoo and conditioner I’m fairly happy with at this point but I still remember my hair being even more amazing with the St. Ives and would give the WEN a try if I can find a sample.

    There is not much that compete with a good hair day.

  20. The very expensive WEN cleansing conditioner seems to be identical in smell, texture, and results as my beloved St. Ives. Think about it. If enough people are willing to shell out a ton mire money for hair care products (like WEN, Pureology, Matrix, Biolage, etc.) why wouldn’t they “sell the formula” and repackage it under another, more expensive brand? I think that’s exactly what’s happened with St Ives *amazing* conditioner. Why give it away in the drugstore when you can charge an arm and a leg in salons and department stores for the exact same thing?

  21. valerie Avatar

    I hope Saint Ive is eating his hat by now. That was a miracle product. I’ll be buying Pureology from now on.

  22. I’ve been using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Conditioner and have been VERY happy with it. It reminds me so much of St. Ives. Same rejuvenating feeling, same great on my thin, curly hair too.

  23. I can’t believe St Ives hair repair was discontinued. What marketing genius decided this? I purchased as much as I could when it was discontinued but no longer have any.
    I used products 20x more expensive and nothing compares. I think Arielbird made a great recommendation, Administrator please gather these comments up and submit them to St. Ives I’m sure they would be curious to hear this.
    If not perhaps one of us could re market this product as there certainly is a want for it.

  24. UnCurly Avatar

    OMG!!! I came back to this site; which I have on my favorites… “because I still have hope that the product might do a come back”. I can still find Prell… so maybe one day. I read here, a while ago that the formula was sold to another company, So I would like the owners of the St. Ives formula to
    know that the hair repair formula was the right medicine to “beautify and repair the most damaged hair”. I have curly hair and this product used to make my frizzy curls, “curl up individually”, as nicely as Shirley Temple’s locks. Please wake up, and put this product out in the market again, so far I see that there is a lot of demand for it… do it for the next generations, I hope I’m still around… and Heidi thanks for your tip, I’ll give a try to that Matrix : )

  25. arielbird Avatar

    This is a pity. On the St Ives website they don’t seem to offer hair products at *all*, which is really too bad since I’ve just discovered their Mud Miracle through another reseller. But the Hair Repair was excellent! I especially loved the minty scent.

    Why not gather up these replies, Administrator, and send them all to St. Ives?



  26. I tried it for the first time when it was on clearance and being pulled off the shelves, it was amazing and made my long thick frizzy hair sooo beautiful. I wish I had tried it sooner. Ive been hunting for it ever since. If you find it or maybe they sold it to another company? Maybe a little research will find out whose name is on it now? Please post if you find out!!

  27. I posted quite awhile back, that after NOT being able to find St. Ives … I started using Pureology. Which is very expensive, even on ebay. My sister has now given me another product, which I have only found at beauty supplies (and ebay, of course). The name is MATRIX. But it is NOT the ones in the drug stores. This is, specifically: MATRIX, Sleek.look, Smoothing System, DEEP MOISTURE MASQUE. It must say ALL of that on the tube. It does not have the minty goodness of St. Ives, but I like it BETTER than Pureology, and it is even better than the little conditioner tubes in Loreal Preference! Which I also have bought in bulk on ebay for about $3. per tiny tube! Hope this helps SOMEONE …

  28. I am one of the poor souls looking for the St. Ives Conditioner. I have taking note of the replacement products, but has anyone tried the Organix Tea Tree Conditioner? Or has anyone found a website from which we can order the St. Ives?

  29. I loved my St. Ives Conditioner. It changed my life. I had the most uncontrolable hair. FRIZZY< BRITTLE< Dry. I could not do anything with it. I couldn’t grow it long, because of how unhealthy it was. Then I used St. Ives conditioner and everything changed. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to find it and I’m always looking. I will try some of your suggestions and keep my fingers crossed.

  30. Neece Avatar

    This is weird, just today I mentioned to my girlfriend that for months I have not been able to locate my conditioner (St. Ives) Decided to conduct a search and see I’m not the only one missing this great product. The best of this conditioner is the tingle and stimulation to support hair growth. Using this product produced new hair growth for me to why I am seeking the product. I hate to have read that it is learned it is no longer available. I willing to try the few listed, my hair will let me know if they are substitutes. They must have the tingle

  31. G. Hackett Avatar
    G. Hackett

    I have been loking for the same product to no avail. Hard to believe they just quit making it. Really helps with frizzy thin hair.

  32. Administrator Avatar

    I finally tried the BioInfusion Mint Conditioner.

    It’s good but not the same as the St. Ive’s. Also, make sure you shake it – I didn’t at first and got runny conditioner that was VERY minty but didn’t do much. I did try the Bioinfusion Tea Tree Shampoo and I do like it quite a bit… granted I bought it on clearance for $1 so just my luck I liked it and can’t find it now!

    There’s a John Frieda Frizz control conditioner I thought was better than the BioInfusion. I’m thinking about getting another bottle of that and seeing if I can add mint and rosemary oil to it to get exactly what I want.

  33. I knew something was wrong when I stopped being able to find the stuff at the supermarkets, drugstores, and Sally’s back in 05/ 06!! Needless to say, my hair has been looking pretty awful for the last year or so – dry and brittle looking. I’ve tried the Bio Infusion conditioner and not been as happy as with the St. Ives. It was great on curly hair types. Women used to always come up to me and ask me what I used in my hair, and I would gladly tell them – 1 part DNA, the other St. Ives conditioner. It was almost down to my elbows, thick and shiny. Now it’s just there….Still kind of long, but not nearly as thick and shiny. Since reading about Pureology being avilable at Target, I think I’ll run out and buy it today!!
    Thanks!! I miss all compliments (and jealous looks) I used to get!

  34. Seriously I cant believe we can’t get this conditioner anymore! I don’t think there is a close comparison… At this point I am willing to spend any amount for an actual bottle of it!! let me know if found please!

  35. its been very difficult to locate this product but i was able to find in 1 oz pacakges. little pricy though.

  36. mary blomdahl Avatar
    mary blomdahl

    I keep looking…many years now…stll hopin’… My hair is very fine…not extremely thick..and naturally curly. With the St Ives conditioner..I had no problem managing my hair….How can we persuade them to put it back on the market!!!!

  37. You can buy Purology at Target now! I’ve been using it since St. Ives was discontinued and it’s the exact same formula. I no longer miss St. Ives!

  38. I loved this product also and am dissapointed that they no longer carry it, however, I did come across something really similar and has that great tingly feeling and effect that st.ives hair repair has. It’s called Dr. Miracle and I bought it in CVS in the hair care isle. I’m going to check out if Sally’s beauty supply has it too. It’s like less than $2 for a sample pack which can be used 3-4 times depending on your hair length. Check it out.
    I remember another product that I loved which was this banana mint conditioner which was amazing but from like 15 years ago from a store in the mall.
    good luck!

  39. i’ve been using this product almost 3 months? and all i can say is ” the best conditioner ever!!” the smell? it last on my hair while am in the office? until i get home.. . i seen this product in the grocery and inside the mall here in the philippines.. good thing we have here=)

  40. I was also a huge fan of the St Ives conditioner. I tried may others and could not find a decent replacement until my hairstylist recommended Biolage Conditioning Balm for Dry, Stressed Hair. I was estatic. It is very similar, only a little bit heavier and without the minty smell. I highly recommend it. Its a great substitute. I still have a pack of the St. Ives that I use in small doses on special occasions!!

  41. Glitter Avatar

    Try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. They are excellent (very strong minty feeling on the scalp) and remind me of the St. Ives. I really miss this product though.

  42. Michele Avatar

    The Pureology Hydrate conditioner is excellent. It is, as was already mentioned, the perfect substitute for St. Ives. I just love it…the smell is heavenly and my short, wavy hair looks fantastic. It is great as a rinse-out conditioner, and with small amounts mixed with the styling gel as a leave-in, believe it or not. OK, it costs a fortune, but alas my search for St. Ives is finally over.

  43. Elizabeth Avatar

    The ingredient list for St.Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner is:

    Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Monostearate, PEG-8 Stearate, Stearalkonium Chloride, Panthenol, Mint Oil, Menthol, Propylene Glycol, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary)Leaf Extract, Echinacea Purpurea, Chondrus Crispus(Carrageenan), Olea Europaea(Olive)Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Sambucus Nigra(Elder Flower)Extract, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose)Root Extract, Chamomilla Recutita(Matricaria) Flower Extract, Helianthus Annuus(Sunflower)Seed Extract, Hair Keratin Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Collagen, PEG-14M, RNA, Methyparaben, Propylparaben, Phenoxythanol

  44. Administrator Avatar

    I think I found my replacement! Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner!!! I bought it on sale for around $6 at the local co-op grocery and is normally around $8 a bottle. I really do love this conditioner and it has the added bonus of being all natural (since I’m trying to switch over to healthier products.) And even though it says it’s tea tree, there is a lot of peppermint in this. The only thing I’m hesitant on is the fact that I don’t know if it’s a 99% match (and it’s been so long now since I’ve used the St. Ives.)

    Does anyone still have the ingredient list from the St. Ives Hair Repair to compare it to?

    I think though that I’m sure enough after 2 uses that I would buy the 3 pack here on the right if it’s not on sale locally (the one on the left is a single bottle – and if you have an Amazon Prime account the three pack on the right has free shipping or it counts towards your free shipping order if you don’t have a prime account):

  45. I was lucky enough to discover it had been discontinued in time to buy 4 cases of the product from the manufacturer. My husband would have freaked out if he’d seen me spending over $200 on conditioner as I did, but that is how much I loved this product, the only thing I’ve ever found that gives me good results with my fine, flyaway hair. Good thing I pay the bills. I thought that I was alone in loving this stuff. I don’t know what I’ll do when it runs out….

  46. They should definitely bring this back as it is obviously sought after. I just checked eBay, and a seller has 2, 1 oz packages on sale for a Buy It Now Price of $21.99.

  47. Eva M Varolo Avatar
    Eva M Varolo

    Having quickly browsed on the internet I am not sure that I am able to find Pureology in the UK unless I am prepared to pay a small fortune. Any other products that live up to our sadly missed ST Ives Intensive Hair Conditioner?! Please feel free to email me if you have any news! THANKS!!

  48. Eva M Varolo
    [email protected]

    I had been using St. Ives Intensive Hair Conditioner for 12-15 years at least (possibly more!) and am terribly upset that I can no longer find it as no other product I have tried over the years quite matched its quality!

    I used to live in Italy (now in the UK) and used to stock up on the product whenever I came across it as it was not sold everywhere. I think I originally discovered it in the US. My understanding is that it was an American product (despite the Swiss Formula lettering on the package) that was also being marketed abroad. Hence the lettering in Italian when sold in Italy. It is not an Italian product, of that I am sure. In any case, I have been unable to find it anywhere for some time now.

    On another note, I was delighted to stumble across all these wonderfully helpful comments, as I had no idea that there are many out there in the world who feel as I do: a ‘little’ disapppointed and let down because of this product being withdrawn from the market. To be honest I don’t fully comprehend why as thre seems to be a significant market, but the theory that the recipe was sold to Pureology so that a more expensive product can be sold seems very plausible to me.

  49. Check out Sally Beauty Supply. I work there and I know they have a lot of really great deep conditioning treatments, treatments for thinning hair, hypo-allergenic fragrance free, and products that are all natural, for every hair type. If you like the minty smell the best Aura by Naturelle is a good product with their Rosemary Mint. Also Generic Value Products compares to Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner–we always sell tons of it. Hope I can help. Check out Sally Beauty in stores or online.

  50. I’m looking all over for this product as well.

  51. YES! Pureology Hydrate DOES WORK! I have been using St. Ives for years, and of course this is why they discontinued it!!!

    FACT: If you buy at Beauty Supply store, it is very costly, almost $30. for 8.5 oz! (about $3.50 per oz.)

    However, if you buy it on ebay, the 64 oz. bottles can be purchased for approx. $60.00 (includes shipping) BEST BET @ about .98 CENTS per ounce, WHICH is what the individual packets used to go for! You just have to put the money up-front, but if you are as hooked on GREAT CONDITIONER as I am, it is totally worth it!

    The 8.5 oz. bottles are just not worth spending that much for. But, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, it really works!

    P.S. The shampoo is also awesome!

  52. Oh, the humanity!! How could such a great product be in such low demand! mindboggling.

  53. I use the Aussie conditioner now. I also loved this product. I noticed that some places offer one ounce of it for $1.19. I also found a website in Britain that offers it for 16.25 pounds. That’s a bit steep for me.

  54. AGH! I really want St. Ives Conditioner Revitalizing Aloe Vera and Echinacea but I can’t find it anywhere. Why would they discontinue such an awesome product??? If anyone knows where to buy this, please email me at [email protected] THANK YOU

  55. Shannon Avatar

    I too loved St.Ives intensive conditioner! My mom and I used to put it on and wait like a half hour to rinse, it was a great invigorating feeling,a nd my hair always felt so great afterwards. I have tried the De-Lux version of mint conditioner,it is much thinner, and I wasn’t happy with how it left my hair feeling! I have just ordered 2 different types of Avalon mint conditioners to try. Hopefully one of them is a good substitute. There are many more options than you would think if you search mint conditioners.

  56. Shannon Avatar

    Wow, I am equally bummed! I have been looking for this conditioner for years, back when I ran out of my last bottle. I had found it in small packets on ebay, but figured I could save some money by someday finding it in the store. i loved the tingly feeling, and how great it made my hair feel. I guess I may have to check out this Pureology stuff, but would love to find a slightly more economic version! Let me know if anyone figures one out.

  57. Administrator Avatar

    Classic Closeouts does have the hair repair serum but not the intensive conditioner.

  58. Looking for St. Ives Hair Repair — look at

  59. In responce to Tammy’s question, the product is “Pureology, Hydrate Conditioner” They also make the Hydrate Shampoo to go with it. They are in light lavender containers. They’re both great products. The conditioner is identical to the non-existant St. Ives conditioner. I buy it from my hairdresser but you can also buy it online. Hope this helps. Kay

  60. Christina Avatar

    Anyone happen to still have an acutal bottle or packet? I’d like to know the NDC/bar code numbers. I work at a Walgreens, and was thinking that maybe we’d be able to order some. Thanks in advance!

  61. Hey kay,
    thanks for the info…what is the name of the pureology product that is supposed to be identical to the St Ives hair repair intensive conditioner?
    Anyone else have that answer or find a similar substitute???

  62. Don’t know if it’s true but I heard the St. Ives conditioner formula was sold to Pureology Research Irvine, CA. They tweeked it, repackaged it, and renamed it. I think it’s true because it came out on the market shortly after St. Ives disappeared. I have tried it and it’s almost identical to the St. Ives formula. Same great smell, same thickness, and same fantastic results. So those of you looking for a replacement, this is it! Only bummer is, it’s more expensive.

  63. Laurel Avatar

    My 12-year-old daughter and I fell in LOVE with the St. Ives years ago, and have never before or since found another product even CLOSE to as good as our beloved St. Ives Intensive Hair Repair. We are now using BioInfusion rosemary mint conditioner, made by Riviera Brands LLC… but you know it’s not the same. It is closer than the Aveda tho, and cheaper. Both maybe smelled a little like St. Ives, but are WAAY thinner, no tingle, and the AMAZING soft and silky way St. Ives made your hair feel isn’t there. I don’t understand why they don’t see this… I’ve been scouring the web for years for this, and have found MANY people searching for it… there IS a market! Maybe we should take it to Clairol and say, “there are so many of us who want this product… here are the ingredients, can you help us?”

    Another web site lists the ingredients as: Rosemary extract, wheat protein, wild mint oil, sage extract, menthol, chamomile, sodium chloride and soluble collagen. Can someone help???

  64. Pamela Avatar

    I have used St.Ives conditioner for years, up until last week I was able to purchase it from Asda, but all my local stores have now sold out.A few years ago I was on holiday in Italy and was able to purchase it over there.The wording on the packaging suggests to me that this an Italian product(trattamento riparatore intensivo)so it may be that it is still available in Italy, any Italians reading this please advise.In the meantime I will try and find some pureology, if I can find a stockist.

  65. ow, good, i think all around the world desperately trying to find the st.ives conditioner or it’s subtitute
    yes, i’m in indonesia whom used to buy some from singapore, n in 2005 i can’t find much in singapore n i buy last 3 bottles from a dept store coz they say they won’t hv those anymore.
    so i’m still desperately trying to find it to australia oe US but still can’t find it
    n my last bottle is running out!!!!!
    i need that conditioner!!!!
    no other conditioner suits my as good as st.ives!!!

  66. Francesca Avatar

    I am still looking. Please some one tell me where I can go and trust who I am buying from.

  67. Like someone else said, I think I am allergic to many conditioners and I have not been able to find something that doesn’t irritate my scalp. St. Ives Hair Repair was the only thing that seemed to work. I stumbled upon this site, and decided to try Pureology. After 2 days, I have seen a major improvement. It’s very expensive (I paid $24 for 8.5 oz!), but if it works I think it’s worth it.


  69. Francesca Avatar

    I am so upset, I have been looking for it everywhere. I even contacted St. Ives and they answered pretty much the same. I am lost without it. My hair looks like you know what. I have tried everything else nothing and I MEAN NOTHING WORKS LIKE ME ST. IVES. IF ANYONE EVER FINDS IT PLEASE LET US KNOW.
    I AM IN DESPRATE NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Administrator Avatar

    Some more decent conditioners that I’ve found in my efforts to replace the St. Ives (though nothing is quite the same) are:
    Philosophy Shear Splendor Extra Silky Daily Conditioner this is a good expensive daily condition – incredible stuff and smells a little like lemon meringue pie, and the results are the closest for a daily conditioner to the St. Ives for me so far. About $18 for a 16 oz bottle.
    Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Original this is a good cheap daily conditioner, better than your average conditioner but not as good as the Sheer Splendor (but easier to get and easier on the budget.) About $3-4 for a 8 oz bottle.
    Clairol Nice N’ East Color GLAZE this is NOT a permanent dye and does not strip or bleach your existing color out – it’s meant for colored hair between colorings but I used a shade similar to my uncolored hair and got excellent results. It says every 4-6 weeks but the conditioning qualities that make this wonderful lasts about a week max for me. I tried the conditioner that comes in the kit alone but that didn’t give me the same results. My hair looked awesome, even better than with the St. Ives but it’s too messy to do weekly. I would use this again for a special occasion or event. About $6-$7 for a one use kit (though I get 2 uses out of it even with hair that’s down to my shoulder blades.)

    Bottom line is that I’m still trying products trying to find THE perfect replacement.

  71. Barbie B. Avatar
    Barbie B.

    Well thank you all very much and add me to the list of the truly heartbroken! This is (was) the best hair conditioner I have ever used and as I have 3.5 feet of split ends these days I think I will just whack it all off and forget about it. That stuff turned my hair into spun silk. If I find any I will not tell anyone unless they have unlimited supplies of the stuff. Sorry, I am not normally this mean-spirited but now that I know they have discontinued the product I plan to be greedy. I have yet to find another product that comes even remotely close to it but plan to try the Pureology. Thanks for the tip.

  72. no it won’t influence them once it’s discontinued they will never bring it back. it was my favorite as well. Had I known I would have bought a ton of it when it was still available. Unfortunately they like the consumers when you buy it, but when they won’t be continuing it they don’t spread the word out to their faithful customers. All the good products always go bye-bye. It’s so unfortunate. I’m very disappointed. I rarely buy products but this is one I occasionally invested in as a treat and it will be sorely missed. My poor hair is suffering. I’m in product mourning.

  73. I am so disappointed to learn that this product has been discontinued. It is the only thing that seems to stimulate new hair growth on my thinning head. You think there is anyway we could send this page of comments to St. Ive’s to show them how desparate we are?
    Thanks for the tip on Pureology though- hopefully it will work for me.

  74. I really loved the product and have been looking for it for over a year now… I’m really sad to hear the news

  75. I hate to hear it is discontinued. i have searched high and low for this product and i LOVE it. i haven’t found anything better than st ives hair repair.

  76. St. Ives was the best ,I’ve used it for many years,
    before st.Ives bought it is was under another name company,I hope a new company buys it and reproduces it.
    Please post if you find out.
    I’ll try the pureology for now and post my results.

    Thanks all

  77. I ALSO loved St. Ives! Few people I know even have heard of the stuff, but it was one of few things I’m not allergic too. I see that I am not alone in missing St. Ives!

  78. Administrator Avatar

    Just as a general rule of thumb – most products meant for color treated hair are meant to be more gentle so they don’t strip out the color.

    Looks like in the case of the Pureology it has “antifade technology” which looks like it’s mostly sunscreen to keep your hair from fading as much in the sunlight.

  79. I also loved st ives. I am interested in pureology,
    although my hair is not colored. It says it contains color saver, or some such thing, is it OK to use on hair that is not colored?

  80. Thank you for the PUREOLOGY tip Kathy!! And dare I say that this stuff may even work a little better than St. Ives. I’ve been on a quest for more than a year now to find a replacement.

    Tip for the men:

    Try a little of this stuff like you would a gel. Thickens fine or thinning hair. Helps keep it in place too!

  81. FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING TO REPLACE THE DISCOUNTINUED ST. IVES CONDITIONER!!! I too loved their conditioner and have tried all of the conditioners mentioned in the other replys to replace it but found nothing that compared to St. Ives until now. My hairdresser used it on me when I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s called PUREOLOGY. I loved it so much I bought the shampoo and conditioner from her. My hair has never looked, felt or smelled this good before. The one I used is in the light lavender bottle and says (PUREOLOGY, SERIOUS COLOUR CARE,ANTIFADE COMPLEX, HYDRATESHAMPOO AND THE CONDITIONER SAYS HYDRATECONDITIONER ALSO IN THE LIGHT LAVENDER BOTTLE.) The conditioner even smells better than St. Ives. It has certified organic botanicals of peppermint, sage and rosemary. Most importanly it leaves your hair looking and feeling so good. It’s also 100% vegan. You can find it at fine salons and also on the web. I saw it on one site for 18.00 plus shipping. I paid about $22.00 apiece for them.(shampoo 10.1 oz) (conditioner 8.5 oz) But next time I will buy the larger 33oz. size for a better price per ounce. I know it’s expensive but believe me you won’t be sorry. Also, a little bit goes a long way so I think it will last a while. I was one of those people who paniced when I wasn’t able to find St. Ives in the stores anymore. So I found a place online and purchased 9 bottles of it. Now those bottles are long gone but I could care less now that I’ve found PUREOLOGY. Please try it and let me know what you think. You’re gonna love it!! Kathy

  82. Alicia Avatar

    Well looks like only sells in the Phillipines so that doesn’t help us here in the states! 🙁

    I finally tried the Aveda Rosmary Mint Conditioner and I would give it a 3 star rating. It has the wonderful mint smell and not a lot of tingling on the scalp. But it does not have the hair repair effect. Mostly gives a good aroma and tames hair kinda flat.

    Didn’t do much for my (now thin) hair. 🙁 Very disappointed to find many posts that this product is being discontinued. If you do find some on ebay, you’re still paying crazy money.

    Just recently I saw a listing for the 1oz packets being sold at $11.00 each!! That was the Buy It Now Price! UNREAL.

    Let me know if you find anything!!

    [email protected]

  83. Administrator Avatar

    Still haven’t tried the Aveda but I did try another rosemary mint conditioner by de-luxe. See my review here:

  84. Well, I too am heartbroken about the loss of this product. I have lately been trying Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, in the bronze tube (the “professional” line, avail. in drug stores). It doesn’t have the wonderful mint tingle, but seems to have a similar effect on my hair. Good luck!

  85. Hey ladies!

    I also came across the UK website that has the St Ives Intensive Hair Repair Conditioner. It is a RARE find these days. Sometimes you might be able to find it on ebay, but for the most part you’re going to pay big money for it. It’s an awesome product that was recommeded to me by my hair dresser some 15 years ago! I’m not sure why it’s been taken off the shelves of Walmart and Target discount stores.

    I used to get the product from but they don’t carry it any longer. I found that are asking $9.10 per 12 oz bottle plush shipping and handling.

    $7.46 for a 250ml bottle at (UK site) plus add on international postage…YIKES!

    Either way, it’s a rare product and worth it, especially if you HAVE TO HAVE IT. It works great on thick corse frizzy hair. It really smoothes it down and keeps it healthy.

    If you can afford it, stock up! If this helps, please send me an email and let me know if you have any other good finds out there.

    [email protected]

  86. I am another big fan of the St. Ives Hair Repair conditioner. Have been looking all over for it. Unfortunately. I’m too late to find it any of the sites listed here. They’ve all run out of stock now.

    I might try the Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner, but if anyone finds another place that has it, do let me know.

    I was very disappointed to read that the product has been discontinued.

  87. I was just searching eBay and found 100 quantity for sell 5.59 each plus shipping. I bought 6 so, you better hurry! They are in an eBay store “Cosmetic Solutions” or you can simply search “St Ives Intensive Hair Conditioner “.

    Good Luck

  88. Administrator Avatar

    This is great! You will definately have to let us know if it’s a good replacement for the St. Ive’s Hair Repair! I look forward to your report back. 🙂

  89. Travis Trent Avatar
    Travis Trent

    Yeah I am guy so I just realized I missed someone else mentioned the website in the UK, sorry I was skimming! 🙂

  90. Travis Trent Avatar
    Travis Trent

    The world is an astonishingly small place. I just went to a new salon and got the Aveda Scalp Benefits shampoo to replace my Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo. To make a long story short I am not impressed with Scalp benefits so they give me credit. I try to think what else I might need and remember St. Ive’s Hair Repair. They suggest the Rosemary Mint you have mentioned but I kept scowering their shelves and found “Deep Penetrating Hair Revitalizer” it also has Peppermint, Rosemary but also has Lavender and other things so I figure the more the better “Guy Mentallity” but it is also insanely expensive at Double the price of Rosemary Mint, I have yet to try it but I will and give you an update tomorrow because I just got it, hence the small world statement. Here is the link from AVEDA .

    Now for a bit of good news for those not wanting to find something new here is a UK website who still have product….

    It does cost about $7.50 a bottle after the conversion, plus another $7.50 for shipping so I would recommend you order more than one.

    I will keep in touch….ladies

  91. Administrator Avatar

    I MAY have found another possible substitute. I will try and get some to try in the next couple of months but in case anyone else wants to beat me to it, it’s the Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner:

    No guarantees, just a possibility. 🙂

  92. Administrator Avatar

    A direct link to what “Beauty” was talking about:

  93. I found a site in London that carries this product!!

  94. I too loved this product, The only similar thing is a conditioner by Design Essentials. The brand is normally sold in African American Hair salons only. I think it should work on any type of hair though. I have found a site that sells it. The Conditioner is on, it is called Design Essentials Stimulations Conditioner. I hope this works for you!

  95. Administrator Avatar

    It’s possible that a store or supply house may have purchased some before St. Ives stopped producing it and still has some. I haven’t looked overseas that hard but someone may still have some in a warehouse somewhere. Let us know if you find it anywhere.

    Still looking for substitutes also because if the manufacturer isn’t producing it, eventually supplies will run out. 🙂

  96. curly maria Avatar
    curly maria

    i am desperate to find st. ives hair repair too!
    I am searching for a substitute with no luck,
    I found a website in the uk and singapore that still has the stuff, do you think its still available overseas or canada? let me know if you have any luck