St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner

st_ives_swiss_formula_hair_repair_intensive_conditioning_treatmentI wanted to post a follow up on my e-mail to St. Ives that I mentioned before. They wrote back in response to my inquiry of where to purchase the product. The news wasn’t good however:

“…Unfortunately, due to low consumer demand the St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner was discontinued, and is no longer available in our warehouses. We are sorry that we were unable to assist you with your request.”

Obviously some people liked this product- rephrase that, loved this product – myself included. And we’re scouring the web for it. I looked at my web stats today and for 3 days of November I’ve already had one hit from someone looking for this St. Ives product.

If anyone can recommend a good substitute for this product, please do!


UPDATE April 2013: It’s 8 years later and I STILL get approximately 100 unique visitors PER MONTH on this post alone. Clearly people are still searching for this product!

Link to EWG with ingredient list: