REVIEW: Hanes Perfect Panty

I got a free pair of these in the mail a few months back. Because they are like nylon stockings I began to wonder if I got a size too big for me. I decided that in order to review a pair I would have to hunt down a smaller pair to buy and try before I reviewed. When I first got the sample though I couldn’t find them anywhere (even though their online store locator gave several locations.) Also, they didn’t have them available to buy online at the time I got the free pair.

They are now avialable to purchase online and I finally saw them at Target where I bought a 2 pack for about $7:

The Pros & Cons:

  • They ride up LESS than some other panties but they don’t live up to their claim of not riding up at all (also, why no thong version? Usually current product lines will have a bikini, high cut, boyshort and thong.)
  • They are very super soft and comfortable – no pinching, pulling or VPLs (visible panty lines.)
  • They are like nylon pantyhose which means they’re more see-through than I expected and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them under a skirt or trying on a swimsuit at the store with these on. I think they would be a little better if they were double thickness or a tighter woven fabric (like thin tights instead of nylons.) The textured bikini (which I bought) seemed a little thicker than the chiffon bikini (which was the sample.)

If you’re going to buy a pair and can wear several sizes (Example: sometimes you wear a small and sometimes a medium depending on brand) you’ll probably want to go with the smaller size – they look super small but they are really super stretchy.

Not my favorites but really good for the price.
I would buy these again.

I’ve changed my mind – I wouldn’t buy these again. It’s been about 2 months and the elastic on the legs broke … remember they are like stockings. They didn’t stay in place at ALL after that piece of elastic broke on me one day. They were great to begin with but I think underwear should last a little bit longer than 2 months.