Quick review:
Victoria’s Secret Daily Crop Legging

I was trying to buy a replacement for the Victoria’s Secret leggings / yoga pants I have loved and worn since 2010. I’ve been wearing regularly to sleep in and sometimes wear to yoga class. They were a good quality materials but they are now literally coming apart at the seams now with regular wear so I needed to buy replacements.

What I had no longer existed by name and number so I compared and shopped and shopped and compared and finally settled on two pairs of ZF-289992 or #289-981 the VS “Daily Crop Legging” in black. What I had didn’t have the foldover top which these matched.

They also showed the modal wearing a long shirt and say:  “Live in leggings? So do we. That’s because this sleek, chic knit is so much more than a legging. It’s a want-it-now, need-it-in-every-color, go-everywhere essential. Slip it on under almost any layer: it’s as soft and comfy as your favorite tee.”

So where’s my review? It’s fairly short. They’re see through!!!! My favorite tshirts are not so thin they’re see through like this. And I don’t mean I bought a size too small and they stretched see-through. I also don’t mean VPL because I’m wearing granny panties see-through either.

When I say they’re see-though I mean you can see the COLOR of my underwear through black! (Which is also why I’m not showing you pictures!!!)

I know that what I loved I had bought two years ago but these looked like the same style and they were a similar price point and most of Victoria’s Secret’s products haven’t changed price much so I really thought I would be getting something comparable.

So sure, if you want tights with no feet to go under a dress or tunic, these are soft and nice. If you were looking for something less see-through then don’t buy these.

So taking these back and I’m back to the drawing board… probably not from VS this time.  :/

PS – I bought a pair of clearance undies too … when did they start putting an obnoxiously long tag in the FRONT? Or was that why they were clearance?

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9 responses to “Quick review:
Victoria’s Secret Daily Crop Legging”

  1. I have been wearing Victoria Secret’s classic leggings for many years. You can no longer buy them. All varieties of their newer ones are thinner and not opaque … as were the classic version. So I don’t know where I will turn for my next pairs. I still have a few of the classic, but when they wear out …

    1. Meghan Avatar

      I bought these leggings from Victoria’s secret and they ripped the very first night I wore them to bed! I would not recommend these to anyone.

  2. VS shopper Avatar
    VS shopper

    thank you for this!!! cause i almost bought these! i want some thicker ones!

  3. What you want are the most loved yoga leggings – very soft, comfortable, durable, stretchy, practical, and sexy. Heavier material than the “Daily” leggings, and not see-though. Great for the gym, or just to wear out and about. My boyfriend raves about how good these look.

    1. The old leggings or yoga pants that I had (and I could have sworn they were the leggings) didn’t have the foldover top. It looks like the “Most Loved” yoga legging has the foldover top. Most Loved Yoga legging (crop): http://www.victoriassecret.com/clothing/yoga-pants-and-shorts/the-most-loved-yoga-legging?ProductID=70344&CatalogueType=OLS

      BUT it looks like the “Classic Yoga” crop pant has the waist band might be what I was looking for: http://www.victoriassecret.com/clothing/yoga-pants-and-shorts/classic-yoga-crop-pant?ProductID=75922&CatalogueType=OLS
      I don’t remember seeing at the time I bought and wrote this post.

      –>> Anyone know if the “Classic Yoga” are thicker like the “Most Loved Yoga” pants?

  4. Stacee_x3 Avatar

    VS Most-Loved Yoga Legging. ? Cropped or long. I am in love, and they go with everything! Best of all.. NOT SEE THROUGH!!! 🙂

    1. So yoga legging not see through but daily crop legging see through? Do you have an link or an item number for the yoga legging you’re talking about (since they have quite a few)?

  5. Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing VS’ leggings & searching for reviews to see whether or not they’re SEE THROUGH. Now I know. Do you know if the PINK leggings are also see-through? They’re currently on sale 2/$40. Thanks!

    1. I haven’t bought the pink ones but I think I would assume “leggings” are see through and that “yoga pants” are less likely to be that way (though I haven’t recently bought VS yoga pants so I can’t say for certain.)