Thinx undies : Part 1

#thinx side by side since I hadn’t seen anyone do a comparison with their normal undies yet for fit.

The navy polka dots are “Steve” brand from Kohl’s that I’ve liked lately. Both pairs of undies are size Large and both are cheeky. The Thinx are definitely a higher rise by almost 2.5″ longer measured flat as shown. The Steve brand IS a low rise underwear so the Thinx are still by no means granny panties. They’re in the wash now and it will be another month or so before I will have a full review online (though I will probably wear them once just to get a sense of fit first.)

And for those who don’t know, these are intended to replace regular maxi pads and tampons. I’ve been very happy with my #divacup for several years now but wanted to give these a shot since they just came out.