St Tropaz Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion – tanning lotion review

This is going to be a fairly quick review. I thought when I sniffed this in the tube that the fragrance might be ok (for my sinus allergies – though the fragrance was likely synthetic and not healthy) but as soon as I had some out of the tube onto my leg I was hit by the overwhelming scent. And it reminded me of old lady perfume (sorry, but that’s what it reminded me of.) WHAM – fragrance.

I immediately scrubbed it off … And I do mean scrubbed. I can still smell it lingering so … Even if I didn’t have allergies I don’t think I would want to use this and smell like it all day.

I have no idea if it gives a good tan because I immediately washed it off because I couldn’t take the overwhelming smell.

So here’s what I like: the concept. I like the idea of being able to put a tanning lotion on in the shower and waiting a bit for a gradual tan. This seems WAY easier than half of the other products out there (besides a spray booth.)

What would make it even better?

  1. a fragrance free OPTION (even if the company also wants to sell a scented version!) I know that the perfume might be covering up other smells but I would rather have natural smells than synthetic overwhelming scent. I can then CHOOSE a natural perfume if I want to use one.
  2. A DAILY BODY WASH bronzer. Something that was maybe even more gradual but you simply use daily or half the week to get to the bronze level you want.
  3. Ideally no standing naked in the shower for three minutes waiting without water because its COLD standing in the shower without water!! This would be epic!

Ok – maybe this is just wishful thinking but I figured I would throw it out there anyway. MAYBE someone will make it. Or maybe I should be googling for such a product (that doesn’t turn you orange!)


UPDATE – no no …. WAY too much scent. Got it on one leg and quickly washed it off because I regretted it.