Black Friday Fashion Blogging (post #4)

Fashion bloggers this week are sharing our “views on fashion, consumption, individuality, and the importance of fashion in our lives” through Black Friday. For more info and background see my initial post.

I just happened to get an ad in my e-mail. the names and the faces have been changed to protect the innocent. Actually I just photoshopped out their logo because hopefully you won’t be able to recognize anything else and then left everything else which I wanted to comment on in my post here.

charity shopping

Do you think that this is a great way to bring an organization to the public’s attentions?
Do you think this is an attempt to get you to buy more than you normally would in the name of charity?
If you were planning on buying something at the store does it just prompt you to do so sooner than later so that a charity can benefit as well?

Opinions? Feel free to comment. 🙂

And if you want to shop for charity, why not give directly? Keep in mind that I have not researched this charity to see what percentage of the incoming money goes where but since it’s used as an example I thought I should include a link: