Stylish laptop bags & backpacks

TeenFashionista got me thinking about backpacks/totes/laptop bags again.

I thought I would share my findings with ClothingCult readers as well.

There are a couple of companies that have come up with some really stylish laptop bags for women: sorry dead link Moonsus no longer has their own website but the brand can be found through other retailers like…

The following image is the Moonsus Signature 15.4″ Computer Backpack in Khaki
Moonsus Laptop backpack
This brand offers mostly totes but there are a couple of backpacks.

For my business I chose a Kensignton laptop bag about 5 years ago that can either be a messenger bag or it has shoulder straps that are tucked away in a zippered area that you can pull out if you really need to hike and not throw a shoulder out:
It’s not gorgeous but it’s also not ugly or too expensive and it is pretty versatile and durable.

** quick update July 25 2013  I’m still using this bag!! … this very same bag is still going strong. What is that, an 12 year old laptop bag? Sheesh. And I take it out of the house at least 4+ times a week.  But reviews on Amazon suggest that the current construction of this model may no longer be that stellar. :/  Almost daily use with travel to several countries and various trips, I have loved this bag! It doesn’t call attention to itself either so it doesn’t scream “steal me! expensive stuff inside!” which is also nice when it comes to travel.

Moonsus has an upscale leather version of what I have basically – with the should strap or the backpack straps but a more classic tote look (it doesn’t scream school bag or tech geek):
Can’t find a new link for the next option – maybe watch ebay?
If anyone has any suggestions for other stylish alternatives to the typical laptop bag or backpack, please post in the comments here.

PS – if you get a bag not intended for a laptop make sure you get a padded laptop sleeve so you don’t end up smashing or denting your laptop quite so easily.


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  1. Hilary Avatar

    This is an older post and it looks like the company may be only doing wholesale orders or have gone out of business. It was the Moonsus. I did find one website with that particular backpack laptop back and they have it labeled as:
    “Moonsus 15″ Signature Computer Backpack”

    I can’t vouch for the site’s reputation but I did manage to find it one place online:

  2. Karina Avatar

    Where can I find the tan laptop bag that you have a picture of here?

  3. laptop deals Avatar
    laptop deals

    A sleeve is really necessary. If you look at my Macbook, you will see so many scratches from the books and the keys 🙁