Crocs accessories

So I’m basically in agreement with the Manalo about the crocs. But they are super comfy (unless you try on a knock off pair at Meijer – eee! those were scary) so they will probably continue to be a staple of american footwear for awhile longer. Not forever mind you, but for awhile.

They should however be religated to anywhere you would wear a flip flop or to small children. Here are some appropriate uses – a garden clog, a shoe to wear after a sport practice, a house slipper, and maybe the nursing profession (not like scrubs are a fashion statement anyway.)

So for those of you who are holding your clogs near and dear to you still, how about dressing them up a bit?

If you hate clogs but like the cute little “buttons” jibbitz makes, they do make some braclets that you can decorate as you like:

And for a more secure crocs shoe, they make an adjustable replacement strap:
crocs turbo strap


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  1. Crocs aren’t dumb at all. they’re no different to what theatre nurses, surgeons and anaesthiatists have been wearing for decades – and why???? Because they’re COMFORTABLE, PRACTICAL and CLEAN!
    Crocs have just made it cheaper and more fun to buy our work footwear. There is NOTHING as good on the beach or in the garden and all a child needs in the summer is a good pair of crocs and they’re good to go ANYWHERE! Holiday packing made simple!
    My husband has MS and crocs are so easy for him to pop on and safe because they’re anti slip and they stay on with the sports strap.
    Thankyou crocs – I can’t be a bigger fan.
    And being designed in Boulder is just a bonus.

  2. Crocs are the dumbest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like these Button things too, I found a wicked site called where they offer free P&P and no minimum orders

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    Funny mental image of 40’s something men wearing bright orange Crocs talking across a fence. Kind of a TV sitcom type mental image. 🙂

  5. Crocs were selling for US$100/pair in Sweden — go figure. I love to cook in them — makes the standing a bit easier on the legs. Last month, I was in my yard, picking some basil for dinner, and started talking to my neighbor across the hedge. He was wearing the same orange Crocs that I was — and loved them. You know, when you have two 40-something year-old white guys wearing something… Well, that trend has truly “jumped the shark”…

  6. i hate crocs too, but those pins are delectable. i really think i should get one of those bracelets, or two, for my next birthday.