Pant rant

I have the worst time finding pants that fit. I actually like low-rise pants but I also won’t tollerate pants that make me moon people at the same time. Most of my jeans have some spandex in them so they stretch a bit and with a belt this means that even though they are low-rise, they don’t go sliding down when I bend over.

Finding a pair of pants that fit my butt without being so high waisted they might touch my bra is quite a task. Even though the trend is low-rise jeans finally, they’re making these pants for people who have no butts and there is such a thing as TOO low (most low-low rise jeans are.)

I hear that waist bands are going to rise again this fall. Why do we have to go with a higher waist pant because we’re sick of seeing butt cracks, why can’t they just make the pants for REAL people? Train people on how to pick out pants too (stop buying them too small just because you want to say you wear a smaller size … it’s pushing flab you didn’t even know you had out of the top!)

Oh this pant rant WILL be continued!