Shoes or architecture?

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.51.57 PMDo you know anyone who would actually wear these? Not as a joke? Ok, maybe a drag queen or for halloween but … for real?


7 responses to “Shoes or architecture?”

  1. Jermaine Mintuck Avatar
    Jermaine Mintuck

    wtf. Yuuucchh I can NOT imagine who or what would attempt to buy or wear these dumpy shoes!

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Not entirely sure ….. just saw them on a website for sale… 🙂

  3. Did someone actually where them?? I wouldnt ever wear them in my lifetime.No affence to the person that that made them but they are kinda scary!! =0


  4. yuck

  5. those are so ugly . i don think a mannequinn should have thoses on !!!lol

  6. both. it takes a brave soul…

  7. Michelle Avatar

    Those are, I think, the most ridiculous shoes I’ve seen. Aside from being impracticle, they’re hideous. Even strippers wouldn’t wear those, LOL.