Quick Post :: Payless Women’s Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by Dexter

Such a sad looking little shoe in their website photo ?
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Women's Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by Dexter

But in person they look much better (though my photos are a bit fuzzy, I took them quickly before I did the rainboot post last week):

Women's Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by DexterWomen's Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by Dexter

Women's Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by Dexter with outfit

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2 responses to “Quick Post :: Payless Women’s Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by Dexter”

  1. Anise Avatar

    I ended up trading another pair of Dexflex for these which I heard from everyone they had bought more, due to their comfort level) and I loved them however I had to bring the original pair back_Dexflex sport back because I had developed blisters and then an allergic reaction that has made my legs break into a bacterial rash. (That i am currently dealing with) did you find that these shoes created that reaction in anyone else? I am wondering if it had been the material that had created the reaction. However they were comfortable, just thought I was having the spring break in!

    1. I haven’t heard of any reaction from anyone else and I myself haven’t had any reaction.

      Related to this topic though is I have read about people having an allergic reaction to some plastics or glues used in making cheaper shoes. Again not specifically for these shoes but in general.

      Now that I’m thinking about it, Walmart flipflops were some in particular that I remember reading about: http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/flipflop.asp (snopes no less says it’s true.)

      And here’s an article on shoe related allergies:

      So if you’re reacting to the DexFlex Scrunch Flats it’s possible you could be having an allergic reaction to the materials. If you start reacting to other shoes as well, you may have to be more careful in selecting your shoes and aim for shoes made of more natural materials. Until I hear of other people having a problem, this is the most likely scenario. :/